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14.11.2007 General News

Weija stone winners vanish from Dam

Activities of those engaged in stone quarrying at the Weija Dam site were non-existent Tuesday following a threat by the Ghana Water Company Ltd (GWCL) to clamp down on their operations.

The action of the GWCL followed a publication in the Daily Graphic of Monday, November 12, 2007 highlighting the threat posed to the dam by the activities of those engaged in stone quarrying in the area.

When the Daily Graphic visited the dam site, the usually busy stone quarrying area was uncharacteristically silent, with no one in sight.

During the rounds, however, one woman was spotted sitting under a tree near the GWCL's purification plant busily cracking stones.

Speaking to the Daily Grahic on the issue of the company spilling water from the dam, the Head of Electrical Maintenance, Weija Head Works, Mr Opoku Ware, comfirmed that the company had, indeed, spilled water to reduce the volume in the dam, as had always been the case when the dam was at its maximum level of 13.8 metres.

He, however, said the spillage, which began a couple of days ago, had not adversely affected any of the houses in the catchment area because the volume of spillage was low.

He maintained that the volume of spillage depended on the level of rainfall at Atiwa in the Eastern Region, which was the source of the Densu river on which the dam is built.

According to him, since 2001 when houses were submerged as a result of heavy rainfall at the source of the dam, subsequent spillage had not caused any such damage because the amount of spillage had not been so voluminous to destroy houses or cause residents to vacate their homes for days.

Mr Opoku Ware said whenever it became necessary for the company to spill water, residents were properly informed to help them to prepare adequately in case of any eventuality.

Residents downstream were going about their normal duties when the Daily Graphic visited the area and that lent credence to the assertion of GWCL officials that no emergency had occurred as a result of the spillage.

Source: Daily Graphic