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23.10.2007 General News

Refrain From Provocative Pronouncements - Nyamekye


Ms Anna Nyamekye, Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture (MoFA) yesterday implored on nations to refrain from making diabolical organised pronouncements and actions that lead to wars to make this year's World Food Day eventful and sustainable.

This year's World Food Day, which fell on October 16 had the theme; 'The Right To Food - Make It Happen,' which has a worldwide Candlelight Vigil added to it by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to raise public awareness to fight against world hunger and promote universal food security.

Speaking at the end of a candlelight vigil procession in Accra, Ms Nyamekye said those who make inflammatory remarks or incited others to war should rather direct their energies to food production that would feed the world's 854 million hungry people.

Ms Nyamekye said with the reference to the World Food Day's theme, it was necessary for those who have enough to eat to remember that there were some others who were hungry, adding; 'Let us all be involved in food production so that we do not see our neighbours go hungry.'

Dr Edward Tapsoba, FAO African Representative in Ghana said the right to food was everyone's business and that the candlelight vigil that FAO added to this year's World Food Day activities was to ensure that those in leadership gave adequate attention to increased food production.

He said the world must be free of hunger and that FAO would always continue to draw attention of the world to hunger and that it was necessary; 'To join hands to make The Right to Food - Make It Happen, a reality.'

The candlelight vigil procession which included students, members of the Amen Amen Church and civil society organisations began from the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum to Mantse Agbonaa, James Town where Nii Adotey Obuor II, Sempe Mantse, chaired the function.