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26.05.2007 General News

Trees, rocks and water = Akyeremanteng beckons

By myjoyonline

The breeze was tantalising. The trees danced and the cool air wafted to refresh the visitors as they sat to watch nature's gifts captured on celluloid.

It was past four in the evening; and the glowing sun that was going to rest, threw its rays on the hills to give it a captivating scenery.

The wonders of nature would soon unfold in reality. The sightseers were soon stupefied. The meticulous research and the minute attention architectural details on the rock was a wonder to behold.

There are wonders at Akyeremanteng, near Huhunya, in the Akwapim North District of the Eastern Region of Ghana. If the architectural design of the Obosobea Rockmass could daze any troubled mind, it could perhaps do more for women looking for children. It is believed that the rock has mystic fertility powers.

And, down below it, is a round stone cupped in another stone. Tradition has it that the round rock can never be removed from its receptacle.

Life at Akyeremanteng, like other towns in the District could better be improved with a deliberate and passionate drive to improve tourism. The lovely children, with their sweet voices would sing their hearts out to entertain the visitors; the Parliamentary Press Corps that recently visited tourist sites in Akyeremanteng.

The tour was part of sensitisation workshop facilitated by the Office of the Administrator of the District Assemblies' Common Fund, held recently at Koforidua, the capital of Ghana's Eastern Region.

The workshop was to broaden the intellectual scope and build the capacity of the journalists, including those from the Ghana News Agency, on the disbursement and utilisation of the District Assemblies' Common Fund.

The Akwapim North District is rich in tourism potentials, but it remains largely untapped. "The Assembly is putting together a Tourism Development Plan...We are seeking the authority of the Assembly to go into partnership with the private sector on a Build and Operate Scheme. The Assembly will map out the land depending on the type of facility we want to build," the District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr Adu Aboagye said.

According to the DCE, a lot of marketing was underway to publicise the tourism potentials of the District. These potentials include the numerous bird watching sites; the Presbyterian Teachers Training College; the eighteenth century Basel Mission Bell at Obom; the Akonedi Shrine at Larteh; the Komfo Anokye Shrine at Awukugua and the mystic six-branch palm tree at Kwamoso.

Others are the Canopy and Umbrella Rocks, and the various waterfalls like the Asenema, Obosomase, Nsuta and Akaa Falls.

The twittering of the pen pushers at the sight of the Obosombea Rock Mass soon moved to an andante, as they got closer to the Akaa Falls. The sunlight began to die slowly, and sombreness enveloped the wide-mouthed professionals when they began to descend the steps that led to the Waterfalls.

Only their panting and sizzling of the Waterfall could be heard.

The descent was soon over, and the joyous Corps broke out in praise and thanks, jubilantly shouting out to the Maker of the Magnificent Sight. "God, You are so Good ... My God, You are wonderful, My God, You are excellent."

The cascade and gush of the Waterfall competed with the voice of men to praise the One Above, who made all things.

Naturally you would expect that snaps would be taken as mementos of the trip to the Akaa Falls.

The Waterfalls is a natural gift of nature. Climbing back from the valley is equally an exercise that easily lifts the spirits up.

Symbolically, the perspiration rids the mind of junk and allows it to meditate on the wonders of nature.

Stressed out? A sight of nature could soothe the nerves.

A GNA Feature by Benjamin Mensah