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22.05.2007 General News

Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari winning car in Accra

By daily Express-Samuel COLEMAN

Shell Ghana shocked some and brought smiles unto the faces of others especially lovers of motor racing when last Friday it outdoored a Ferrari F2oo3- GA Formula One vehicle in Accra.

Thousands have since last Friday stormed the Airport Shell Station to be a part of the fun and taking pictures.

After a float through some principal streets in the Accra metropolis, the Ferrari car which Michael Schumacher drove to Formula One victory in 2003 was unveiled at a brief ceremony at the Airport Shell Service Station.

Officials of Shell Ghana say the Ferrari car road show is part of activities to promote their newly launched unleaded fuel for petrol engines, V-Power.

V-Power, launched in March 2007 is reputed to be the best for petrol engines.

It is 95-octane and contains a formulation with powerful additive which helps keep engines clean and prevents the build up of harmful deposits so that the car runs more effectively.

Shell Ghana Managing Director Daniel Nunoo says the promotion highlights the strong technical cooperation between Shell and Ferrari in Formula One racing history.

“All the fuel Michael Schumacher used to win his races came from Shell and out of this collaboration came the Shell V-power” says Mr. Nunoo who adds that this historic event is to show the strong linkage between the fuel which is 99% similar to Shell's formula one fuel and the Ferrari formula one car.

In 2003 shell powered the Ferrari team to record a fifth consecutive constructors' world championship and the German driver of the vehicle won his sixth drivers' world championship medal.

Mr. Nunoo says the Ferrari Formula one is a winning car and Shell V-Power is a winning fuel.

“If it can protect the formula one car under its extreme conditions on the racing track then it can power your car and better at making your car feel like a Ferrari.”

Patronage of the Shell V-Power has been high since it was introduced with diesel customers making a case for the diesel version for their cars.
Shell Ghana says patronage has been three times what they had projected and according to Mr. Nunoo it is because customers want to protect the investments made by purchasing the right fuel for their cars.

The Ferrari F2oo3- GA car will be in Ghana for the next ten (10) weeks and will be moved around ten Shell Service Stations within the Accra Metropolis.

You can catch a glimpse of the Ferrari car at the Airport Shell Service Station throughout this week.

Source: [email protected]