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15.05.2007 General News

Botswana eyes Ghana's Audit Service


A three-member delegation from Botswana is in Accra to study Ghana's Audit Service Act for inputs in Botswana's bid to attain independence for its Audit Service.

The Assistant Auditor General and leader of the delegation, Mr Leshoto M Leshoto, said his country had recognized the importance of the independence of the Audit Service to respond to current economic and global challenges, although the initiative often received political connotation.

He said Ghana was the first country that the delegation opted to share in its experience, due to her success story on the amendment of the Audit Service Act in 2000, to secure independence for the Service.

According to Mr Leshoto, the Botswana Finance and Audit Act restricted its Service in various ways and that its independence would mean total freedom from any limitations whatsoever.

He hinted that the delegation would also go to Kenya and Tanzania to study their processes, to have a comprehensive overview on how the system operated.

Mr Edward Duah Agyeman, Auditor General, said opting to share Ghana's experience was in recognition of Ghana's excellence in auditing.

He encouraged the delegation to work hard since the task ahead was onerous and to acknowledge the fact that it would take them a number of years to realise success.

"It took the UK for instance, 20 years to become independent in its Audit Service", he added.

The Auditor-General pledged that although Ghana's Audit Service had not attained total independence, the Service was ready to provide its Botswana counterparts the necessary support.

The delegates would be briefed on the Evolutionary History of the Audit Service, current practice and challenges as well as other guidelines on the independence of the Supreme Audit Institution.

Source: GNA