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15.05.2007 General News

Power outage puts ‘Mentor’ on hold

By Jive

Fans of TV3's hit reality show, 'Mentor' were disappointed last Sunday when the scheduled live airing of the show was cancelled due to some technical difficulties.

All those who had gathered to watch the show went home down in the dumps as their favourite show could not proceed as expected.

Viewers at home had to settle for a short movie on the 'Mentor' stars' new life in between studio rehearsals and shopping for clothing.

We followed their journey from the Mentor House through town right to the premises of TV3, hoping to be connected to TV3's Studio B, where Mark, Rama and Dominic would assess their talent.

When people get so hooked to something as exciting as 'Mentor', it is most difficult to explain to them why their usual Sunday evening appointment was cancelled at the last minute.

We learnt that however the cancellation had a lot to do with the ongoing power rationing.

Power went off at TV3 on Sunday morning as part of the regular load shedding (or management schedule). Producers expected power to be restored in time for the show to get underway as scheduled. But they were solely disappointed. By 8pm (2 hours after power was supposed to have been restored) the 'Mentor' producers decided to call off the programme, disappointing everyone from the contestants to the judges (Rama, Dominic and Mark) as well as both the studio audience and viewers at home who had been sitting behind their television sets for hours waiting for their favourite programme.

So TV3 hasn't got a generator? Well, they do. Problem is that it powers only transmission systems and not the heavy equipment for live studio productions- and certainly not for a programme as big as 'Mentor'.

Thanks to the power outage, resulting in the failure of the programme to air, one lucky contestant who should have been evicted last Sunday remains in the competition for at least one more week. Thank God for small mercies.

Source: Jive