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14.05.2007 General News

I will eradicate poverty, hunger – NPP Aspirant


A presidential aspirant of the New Patriotic Party for the 2008 General Elections, Professor Boakye K. Agyarko has said he would initiate policies to eradicate poverty, hunger and unemployment if given the opportunity to rule the country.

He said the nation's efforts should be geared towards the mobilization of resources to serve the socio-economic needs of the people.

He was speaking at a press conference in Kumasi to formerly disclose his political agenda and to give an update of his campaign programme.

Prof. Agyarko noted that even though international assistance was necessary for the fulfillment of the country's socio-economic objectives "we must not fund our economic life on the indulgence and munificence of even our closest friends all the time."

He said the NPP was facing real test of leadership, not about what it had achieved in the past but what the Party could achieve for the country in the future.

Prof. Agyarko said: "There is no doubt that Ghana over the past six years had achieved some successes under the Kufuor administration and the classic benchmark of success in our stabilization programme is clear for all to see."

He said notwithstanding these, there was the need for the provision of necessary ingredients to help businesses and other economic activities to flourish without the menace of sudden volatility, macro-economic disturbances that characterized previous experiences.

Prof. Agyarko explained that he was joining the presidential race to restore the hope of the NPP and the nation that it had the power to overcome the heritage of debt, corruption and the lack of confidence.

He hinted that his intention for seeking the highest political office of the country was to widen the boundaries of knowledge to replace ignorance and fear with functional literacy education, skill and confidence.

Prof. Agyarko said: "We need a new dynamism that will infuse optimism with competence and confidence. We need a new leadership that can exude the confidence and conviction that success is possible and attainable".

Source: GNA