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26.04.2007 General News

Let’s “Worship” Jerry Rawlings

By Fred Asante

I remember how when I lost a close relative of mine more than a decade ago, and was sobbing my eyes sore, a pastor friend of the family, in consoling me, told me that when God was creating us, he asked us whether we would agree to die if he should breathe life into us.

According to the pastor friend of mine, anybody who did not agree to die, was not allowed to enter the world and that all of us on this earth, agreed to die that is why we are here.

What the man was trying to say was that, all of us human beings have signed contracts with God to at one point in time, die and return to where we came from and so I needed to accept that the relative I had lost, was only fulfilling his side of the contact with God.

Sound logic, isn't it?

Well, just as death is an integral part of human existence, so are we all fallible.

There is no human being who is without mistake and the Founder of the NDC is certainly without mistake.

Yes, he may have his faults but against the backdrop of what is happening in Nigeria, I think that the former president needs to be “worshipped” at this point in time.

Oh yes, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings deserves 100% commendation for handing over power smoothly to Nebuchadnezzar Ataa Ayi K4.

People like Kwaku Baako, when the get stoned on whatever gets them stoned, are quick to foul the air and say that it was international and local pressure that made the former president hand over power and that he did not do it on his own volition. Absolute nonsense!!!

Where international pressure means what?

Has the international community not brought lots of pressure to bear on Olusegun Obasanjo but the ugly bastard has gone ahead to bring Nigeria to the verge of collapse?

International pressure aside, was it not possible for Jerry Rawlings to be the “beast” that the NPP and Kwaku Baako would have the world believe he is, and marshal his 64 boys as well as his teeming NDC support base and ignore the international pressure?

If the former president wanted to be selfish and hang on to power, what would have stopped him from oppressing and suppressing the NPP with his military support base and ignore whatever the international community would say?

If he was such an egoistic bigot, he could have plunged this country into chaos and keep himself and his “men” happy with the largesse of the state?

Indeed, in the 2000 elections, if he wanted to inordinately cling on to power, could he not have been doing what Obasanjo is doing in Nigeria, by making sure that even though he was exiting, his party would win so he could rule from the sidelines?

In the NDC strongholds, would it not have been possible for the former president to do what Obasanjo is doing, and make sure that the NPP does not get a single vote in those places?

And in the in the NPP's stronghold, would it not have been possible for the former president to make sure that electoral materials never reached those places?

You see whey I don't lend a minuscule of weight to the watery argument of Kwaku Baako and those who think like him?

No matter what international pressure that was supposedly brought to bear on the former president, he could stilll have been a “beast” if he wanted to cling on to power.

The man had brought this country out of the throes of death and breathed life into a dying country and there was no way he was going to engage in any act that would kill the country that he had resuscitated.

Yes, that is the man Jerry Rawlings for you; he would not build and destroy what he has built.

I tell you, the whole weekend, I have been monitoring the situation in Nigeria via BBC and anytime I hear what is happening there, I just go on my knees and thank God for giving us a person like Jerry Rawlings.

It is now crystal clear that Jerry Rawlings loves this nation dearly.

Indeed, it is his love for this country that has made him stay at home and continued to comment on certain issues dear to his heart.

For sure, sometimes his comments booms in the ears of the NPP but hey, why should he not boom in their ears if he can see them work tirelessly to destroy what he and his people spent years toiling to build?

If for any reason people had any doubt about the true and genuine intentions J.J. has for our motherland, events in Nigeria provides us with ample testimony of how Jerry Rawlings could have been a democratic despot just like Obasanjo, who happens to be the best friend of Nebuchadnezzar Ataa Ayi K4, is.

Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, uncle JB is on his knees thanking God for your life, and I hope and pray that your genuine love for Ghana would remain uppermost in your mind till that day when the contract you signed with God is due for execution and you have to leave to go back to our Maker.

People of Ghana, let's “worship” Jerry Rawlings for he deserves to be worshipped.