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17.04.2007 Regional News

DCE banished from district

By Ghana Districts
DCE banished from district

The people are accusing her of not respecting the traditional rulers and even her New Patriotic Party (NPP) executives. She has also been accused of not being punctual to duty and reporting to work at her leisure time.

Speaking to The Chronicle in separate interviews, the youth from the district, covering the three traditional areas and the constituency executives of the NPP, have all called for the removal of the DCE. It is only those in the Kajeji Traditional Area, the home town of the DCE that did not accuse her or call for her head.

Madam Titiriku has been accused of corruption, distrustful and disrespectful to traditional authorities and engaging in mass acquisition of properties.

The spokesperson for the three traditional areas, which include Bassa, Dwan and Wiase, Nana Otchor Adu II, also the Acting President of the Wiase Traditional Area, called on the government to investigate an alleged embezzlement of ¢1.3 billion belonging to the assembly by the DCE.

The chiefs, the youth and the NPP constituency executives have also urged the anti-corruption institutions, such as the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the BNI and other relevant institutions to investigate where the DCE had money from, to put up four houses at her hometown, Kajeji within a three-month period.

These groups disclosed to The Chronicle that they could not understand how the DCE, within three months of recovering from sickness, which took her away from the office after her appointment as DCE, could put up such magnificent buildings.

The Chronicle’s highly-placed source at the District Assembly also shared the same sentiment of the people, adding, 'some of us were shocked when we saw the buildings during our visit to the town when the DCE’s mother passed away.

' The source endorsed the decision of the three groups namely, the NPP, the youth association and the traditional authorities, to investigate the operations of the assembly, as they were ready to cooperate.

Nana Adu II, also the Akyeamehene of Wiase Traditional Area buttressing his point on the DCE’s disregard for tradition, disclosed that on one occasion, a three-member delegation from Bassa, Dwan and Wiase traditional areas was sent to Madam Titiriku to plead with her for the release of a charcoal vehicle impounded by the assembly.

According to the chief, when the delegation went to the DCE, instead of her to personally come to meet them, she rather sent her driver to tell the chiefs that she would not have time for them, since she was traveling.

Nana Adu told the Chronicle newspaper that, one of the delegates, Nana Krontihene of Bassa Traditional area, then suggested that they should sit down and wait for her.

The spokesperson told The Chronicle that later, Madam Titiriku had second thoughts and invited them in. Nana Otchor revealed that when they had access to her, a lot of suggestions on how to resolve certain issues were raised, including the lifting of the ban on burning of charcoal in the area.

Another issue that the traditional authorities accused the DCE of bordered on discrimination. Since the incident occurred, the DCE had switched off her mobile phone and efforts to get her to comment on the issues have proved futile.

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