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15.04.2007 General News

Land guards brutalise 15-year-old pupil


A group of land guards are reported to have brutalized a 15-year-old Primary 6 pupil at Asabahan near Amanfrom in the Ga West District for refusing to tell them where his elder brother was.

Edward Aguh, the pupil, told the Ghana News Agency that a group of young men including Kwame Landguard, Red and Taller and led by one Abdallah invaded their home on April 11, wielding offensive weapons like guns machetes and cudgels at Kasoa, while his elder brother Alex Ofotsu was not at home.

The land guards had chased, Master Aguh's brother, a businessman to his house to seek revenge for daring to report their conduct to the police after their release from custody.
They pounced on his 15-year-old brother, who was alone at home and brutalised him, in the process burning him on the face with a stick of cigarette.

He said they demanded to know where his brother was and as soon as he told them he had gone out they held him, flogged him with the blunt edge of a cutlass for a while and threatened to kill him if he did not show them his brother's whereabouts.

Master Aguh said at a point two of them held him firmly while one burnt him on the face with a stick of cigarette he was smoking, all in an attempt to break him down to disclose where his brother was.
Mr Ofotsu, 34, who confirmed his brother's story said the police arrested 15 men including his brother's assailants on December 27 last year, following a complaint he had lodged against them.

He said soon after their release on bail, they invaded his house apparently to take the law into their own hands in seeking revenge on him, but did not meet him at home and so sought to "punish" his brother in his absence.

Mr Ofotsu said he had reported the latest development to the police at Kasoa, who were investigating the matter.

Source: GNA