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14.04.2007 General News

That ex-convict envoy

By Palaver

The boys have learnt that some members of that council, which includes an idiot as a member have unofficially advised K'4 to withdraw” that Ambassador, who has been misbehaving in an European country, dismembered by the Americans supported by the British and order him to pack bag and baggage home.

According to reports from that country, Ghana's Ambassador, an ex-convict, has not only been spending the country's money like mad, but also disobeying the laws of that county.

The medical bills he settles will outstrip the NHIS contributions in a Ghanaian community, “chopped' or safe.

One recall how this man put up a poor behavior at that soccer headquarters, where he was eventually booted out like a worn-out and rejected football.

Again, ever when he was supposed to run the sports outfit, which have even the years, been the source of unifying the nation, he disregarded his route and jumped into a political fray, which had nothing to do with football.

Perhaps, K'4 will do well to listen to the advice of the sensible few and get rid of this man, who is a disgrace to the country, his profession and unto himself.