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Unlike Dr. Bawumia, Mahama will not be a puppet president

Unlike Dr. Bawumia, Mahama will not be a puppet president

The inability of the Vice President of the country and the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to decisively select his running mate for the 2024 general elections, is a clear indication of his lack of control of the party he is leading.

As a flagbearer of the NPP, Former President John Agyekum Kufuor was given free will and the independence to choose his running mate without any hindrance, President Akufo-Addo too was given the free will to choose his running mate who was at the time not a member of the party. It is not surprising that Dr. Bawumia cannot choose his running mate for the upcoming elections. This shows Dr. Bawumia’s lack of readiness, and independent mindedness to become the president of this country.

The 2024 elections is barely six months away, yet the ruling flagbearer of the ruling party has not announced his running mate yet. This is an indication of what will happen under his government; in the most highly unlikely event that he wins the elections (perish the thought) he will not be able to make independent decisions in the interest of the country without the influence and control of his political god-fathers.

Currently, there are several questions that suffice, because he is being pushed around by his political god-fathers and all other selfish lobbyists. Could it be that, his choice of a running mate may have been rejected by the different factions within the party, could it be that, he has been threatened against a particular choice? All these questions are relevant because it is absurd for a flagbearer to not announce their running mate barely six months to the elections, despite being elected some seven months ago.

It is a fact that, the Akyem-Abuakwa Ofori-Panyin house clan has an insatiable interest in the upcoming election. A victory for Dr. Bawumia will be a welcome relief for them, it will suppress the stench of any rotten fruit in their basket, and it will also present them the opportunity to continue calling the shots in Ghana, as they are currently doing in relations to the running mate issue. Any policy, actions or inactions of Dr. Bawumia as a President would require the approval of these desperate and greedy politicians who introduced him to politics, they will control, influence and thwart all his plans for their parochial interest without him being able to resist.

Moreover, Dr. Bawumia will not have the vehemence and impertinence to prosecute members of the current government including the Akyem-Mafia and their associates, even if he intends to do so. He will be frustrated and if he dares to resist, they will make Ghana ungovernable for his administration. In a nutshell, Dr. Bawumia will only be a puppet of the Akyem-Mafia and their associates, all his policies, programmes, and decisions will be subject to their endorsement.

Unlike Dr. Bawumia, Former President John Mahama has a near absolute control of the NDC, he has no one to please except Ghanaians, and he will not be subjected to anyone’s control or influence. There is no one in the NDC who can manipulate, direct and control him to serve or protect their interest. He will be independent of influence by any group of people or clan. John Mahama can prosecute members of the NPP and the NDC who are found to have engaged in any corrupt activities.

He will not be looking over his shoulders and be worried about upsetting those who put him where he is. As a result of these, his decisions will be independent of manipulations and control from his bosses, because he has no bosses within the NDC.

The 2024 elections is a crucial one, the outcome of the elections will be the most significant one with huge ramifications on the socio-economic and political development of Ghana. Therefore decisions must not be based on party affiliations, tribal lineage, love or hatred for a particular candidate, but must be based on the future of Ghana. Ghana needs a president who will not be compelled by obvious mitigating challenges from his bosses; we need a president who will be his own man and deliver without fear or favour, that is John Dramani Mahama.

Awudu Razak Jehoney

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