Election 2024: Martin Amidu warn Ghansians of deceptive tactics

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Martin Amidu

As the December 7 election day draws near, former Special Prosecutor Martin A. B. K. Amidu has cautioned the public about the deceptive strategies employed by certain anti-corruption entrepreneurs and lobbyists.

In a statement dated May 23, 2024, Amidu alleged that these individuals, eager for appointments from the victor of the forthcoming presidential elections, will go to great lengths to mislead the electorate with unfounded arguments and fabrications against their perceived adversaries.

“This is the time for genuine anti-corruption crusaders to defend the 1992 Constitution by insisting that the electorate must be apprised of the truth to make an informed decision between the two evils they will face at the 2024 Presidential elections,” Amidu declared.

Amidu underscored the need for authentic anti-corruption advocates to step up and ensure that the electorate is well-informed. He highlighted the potential for misinformation and deceit as the elections approach, urging voters to seek the truth amidst a flurry of political rhetoric.

His remarks serve as a call to action for true defenders of the anti-corruption cause to remain steadfast and guide the electorate towards making informed decisions.

Daniel Owusu
Daniel Owusu

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