Be stewards of God's creation — E P moderator charges the church

By Eric Gyimah || Contributor
Religion Be stewards of God's creation — E P moderator charges the church

The Acting Moderator of the Ashanti Presbytery of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church - Ghana, Rev. Christopher Mawunyo-Nyonyo, has urged Christians, especially the clergy, to take maximum care of God's creation, emphasizing that this is a core responsibility of the church.

Rev. Mawunyo-Nyonyo made this appeal during the 14th Synod of the Ashanti Presbytery in Kumasi on Friday, May 24, 2024.

Addressing the Synod, he highlighted the theme for this year's gathering, "Care for God's Creation, The Mission of the Church," as highly relevant given the current state of Ghana's natural environment and the urgent need to reverse environmental degradation.

Rev. Mawunyo-Nyonyo explained that this Synod theme aligns with the church's 2024 General Assembly theme. He emphasized that the church has a significant role in promoting a healthy and sustainable environment.

"As God's chosen stewards, it is incumbent upon the church to remember that God has entrusted His creation to our care and expects us to manage it well for the benefit of humanity," he stated.

The Acting Moderator expressed concern over the widespread destruction of the country's natural environment, noting that it has serious consequences for both ecosystems and human life. He attributed rising temperatures, rising sea levels, erratic rainfall patterns, and numerous natural disasters to the deteriorating state of the global environment.

Rev. Mawunyo-Nyonyo appealed to the government and stakeholders to intensify efforts to combat activities that harm the environment. He also urged the church to instill in its children's ministry the importance of safeguarding the environment for current and future generations.

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