GUTA president endorses Mahama’s 24-Hour economy policy

Economy & Investments GUTA president endorses Mahamas 24-Hour economy policy

Dr. Joseph Obeng, the president of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), has welcomed the 24-hour economy policy proposed by the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama.

He emphasized the need to enhance the existing policy, stating that although it is currently in practice, there is room for improvement.

During a meeting with members of the association, Dr. Obeng, in the presence of John Mahama, advocated for a strategic shift in the timing of certain commercial activities.

He proposed relocating these activities to nighttime hours to ease congestion in bustling market areas during the day.

Dr. Joseph Obeng suggested that this adjustment could optimize space utilization and streamline operations for traders, particularly during periods of reduced pedestrian traffic.

“We had a programme at the school of mass communication and at that time, people were opposing it but I told them no, even if it is already there, we can always enhance it. There is more that we can do in the night. There are so many things that create nuisance during the day.

“When you go to Opera Square, when you go to Kantamanto or Okaishie, in the afternoon when people are moving, that is when we are offloading our goods. So, it makes the place very congested.

“So, let's think about the things that create nuisance during the day and fix them in the night,” he stated.

-Citi Newsroom