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Patriotic Journalism

Patriotic Journalism

If you are still in doubt that the stock of the Collective West is in decline, and that there are serious pushbacks by a new breed of well-educated, well-informed, conscious, and patriotic leaders from the Global South, just sit back, watch, and enjoy this video of the Guyanese leader, President Mohamed Irfaan Ali, who confidently eviscerated one of the shameless propagandists, Stephen Shakur, that the mouthpiece of British imperialism, the BBC, send around the world to bamboozle the ignorant ones.

Please, after enjoying how Mr Ali made Stephen Shakur look like the completely inept fool that he is, come back and read this satire I wrote in 2008 as advice to African journalists who continue to take their cues from Western outlets and regard those pressitudes as veritable gospel truths.

Patriotic Journalism

“I wish African journalists were like their Western counterparts.”

“How do you mean?”

“Western media are virtually adjunct of their governments.”

“That is a rather sweeping generalization.”

“Once you understand how they function, you can easily predict their take on any given issue.”


“Take the case of Senator Obama. Remember him as the half-black, half-white (call him a Semite if you like), who’s running for the Presidency of the United States. The American media pilloried the poor man until he was forced to disown his own pastor and rendered the speech of his life.”

“What’s wrong with that? His Pastor was caught on tape calling on the Almighty to damn America. That’s high un-patriotism by anyone’s definition.”

“See, that’s exactly what I mean: the double standard. It’s always one standard for white people, and another one for the rest of us.”

“I still don’t get you. What exactly is getting your goat? What’s your gripe with the Western media?”

“OK, how many people are currently running for the presidency?”

“The field has been whittled down to three.”

“See what I mean: three people. Two whites and one black. Or half-black. They just call him black anyway, as though his white mother doesn’t count. The two white people have never been called to account for the crimes or the speeches of their supporters. It’s only Senator Obama who has been so badly treated. The American media just pretend as though they never heard of Pastor John Hagee whom Senator McCain declared a friend. “I’m proud to have Pastor Hagee’s support,” that’s what the Republican Candidate has to say on the vitriolic Pastor whose chilly utterances are so hate-filled that they couldn’t be repeated here. Yet, American media never condemned McCain for associating with such a certified racist.”

“But that just one incident is not enough to sweep all the media off the carpet.”

“Where have you been, my friend? I can give you an encyclopedia of examples.”

”Please go ahead.”

“The problem is not what to tell you but from where to begin. Take the case of the man the Western world considers the greatest being since Jesus. I am talking of the Mandiba, Nelson Mandela. That was a guy who was prepared to forgive and forget all the indignities the apartheid regime piled upon him, but he wasn’t prepared to forgive his own wife and the mother of his children. Ah! It was Winnie that kept his name alive during the 27 years of incarceration. But what did our Saint do? As soon as the media dug the dirt up on the real ‘Mother of the Liberation,’ Mandela disowned and divorced her with speed that’s simply outstanding.”

“My friend, do you mean that the great man should have stayed with a woman who allowed others to eat from his sugar pan?”

“That’s what I mean by double standards. How many Western politicians have been caught in sexual peccadilloes and yet have their spouses standing loyally by them? Didn’t you see Governor Elliot’s wife gazing up adoringly at him as he confessed to blowing fortunes on prostitutes? Senator Hillary Clinton didn’t disown Bill when the man was fucking one of the white house interns, among others.”

“But it is a different culture.”

“Different culture indeed. Why do you think that they are picking up on Thabo Mbeki?”

“Why do I have the feeling that you’re going to tell me?”

“Ok, I will tell you. Thabo Mbeki’s tribulations have to do with his not being ready to play another Mandela to the whites. He’s a solid Pan-Africanist. I take it that you have not been reading his presidential speeches on the ANC website.”

“I am afraid I have been giving them a miss.”

“You really don’t know what you’re missing. Mbeki is prepared to tell the whites some home truth and, of course, they hate his guts with passion.”

“But what has all these got to do with the Western media?”

“My friend, you have not been listening. It has everything to do with it. If you have been following my logic, you will see that those people of the European Stock whom we call whites always act as a unit against non-white people. I do not have anything against that, per se – I really wish we blacks would develop the same sense of racial solidarity. You see, the whites, irrespective of politics, ideology, or religion, operate as a united force against non-whites. And the overriding ideology is to ensure that they come out on top everywhere in the world. That’s why you find the Western media usually singing from the same script as their governments. Remember Saddam Hussein?”

“It isn’t easy to forget that monster.”

“He is a monster because the Western media morphed him into one. Remember that he was a darling of the West in his insane war against the Iranians. As soon as he threatened Western interests in the oildoms of Arabia, Western governments simply morphed him into an anti-Christ. Of course, the Western media lapped it up and dug up all the dirt they could find on him. Saddam was promoted to an ogre seeking weapons to destroy humanity as we know it. Of course, the Western media didn’t tell you that it was Western governments that sold the damn things to him in the first place. They also failed to tell you that there’s no weapon in Saddam’s puny armory that would not be found in any Western nation’s armory. See the double standard that I was talking about.”

“But Saddam massacred his own people.”

“My friend, what has the white man been doing in all of his wretched history? From Africa to Australia to the Caribbean, South and North America, the Europeans have done nothing but massacre non-white human beings wherever they meet them. We are damn lucky in Africa. Or maybe our ancestors were not sleeping. Look, according to their own estimates, about three thousand people were killed during the 9/11 affair. The whole world knows that figure the way they know their palms. Can you tell me how many Afghans or Iraqi lives have been wasted by the white man’s pursuit of what he calls justice?”

“But there is a big difference. 9/11 was an unprovoked terrorist attack, whilst the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are declared military operations.”

“Don’t talk like a fool, my friend. Unprovoked, ah! What do you call what the CIA, the British, French, Dutch, and German secret services have been doing all over the world changing governments, organizing coups, and launching proxy wars? How would you react if Yankee armies were occupying your country, protecting your corrupt rulers who allow American corporations to siphon off your country’s oil wealth and have their marines profane your holy sites with their amoral behavior? You tell me that you are going to ‘siddon and look.’ To tell you the truth, the only surprise is that the rest of the world has refused to pay the white man back in his own bad coin.

“Again, look at all those mortgage scandals currently engulfing the Western nations. Were that to happen in Africa, we all know how the Western media would have flame us. They would have used it to blame every living African as a corrupt fool incapable of managing simple financial matters. But we see how sympathetically the media in the West is reporting it. No one is demonizing the whole white race for the crimes of their ruling plutocrats.”

“You are digressing, my friend.”

“Digressing? How digressing? I am painting the full picture of the white man’s duplicity to you. Can you really believe that the BBC has the temerity to inform the world that it smuggled its reporters into Zimbabwe to cover the recent elections?”

“But they were banned from entering?”

“What are you talking about, my friend? You are not supporting such utter disdain for things African by that odious mouthpiece of British imperialism, are you?”

“Many people believe the BBC to be impartial?”

“Impartial, my foot! Of course, they are impartial so long as the interests of their paymasters are not at stake. Would you watch all those jaundiced reports the Western media was dishing out and blame the Zimbabwean government for banning them? I won’t. I wish they would even shoot the lot of them on sight. They are a disgusting lot and they are a crying shame to what they call their profession.”

“Shooting the messengers, are we now!”

“Those fellas are certainly no messengers; they are part and parcel of the White Supremacy structures to maintain Western hegemony over the world. Can you not contrast their style in Kenya and Zimbabwe? Kenya is the perfect neo-colonial African state, where white people are still allowed to keep their ill-gotten privileges, so the so-called impartial media in the West are sympathetic in their reporting on Kenya. Whist Zimbabwe, which is courageously stripping the colonizers of their ill-gotten possession, is being daily demonized.”

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