The Iranians finally blew the lid off the Hegemon

Feature Article The Iranians finally blew the lid off the Hegemon

My Yoruba people have many proverbs designed to serve as instruction manuals for the wise.

One of them is Igbéràgà ni nṣiwàju ipàrùn / Pride goeth before destruction.

I concluded my article “Cry Palestine” thus: “Until they (Israelis) learn that they cannot build a peaceful country on the backs of the Palestinians, the Israelis will continue to be people at home who do not feel at home…”

Of course, the arrogant settlers in Israel refused to heed good advice, often well-meaning.

The Israelis continue to behave like the true bastards that they are. They have broken every rule on human decency as they wage a most vicious and savage war against a defenseless occupied people!

Supported and curated by the imperialist Western powers, Israel has violated every known international law. It has ignored the ruling of the International Court of Justice. It has thrashed every resolution of the United Nations. Its chief supporter, the United States of America supported its chief chihuahuas, Britain and France, and blocked the UNSC from even considering the latest atrocity of the thuggish rogue state after it attacked Iranian Consular premises in Damascus! [No one has told us why both Britain and France continue to wield veto powers at the UNSC].

Another Yoruba proverb: Mó ti fó tihin, mó lé fó tọ̀hun ni ọmọ Ologbó ṣè nkó si kàngà / I have scaled this one here, I can scale that one there is how the kitten ends up in the well.

Yesterday, after years of patiently bearing unbridled aggression by the rogue state of Israel, and after failing to get the United Nations to condemn the attack on its embassy in Damascus, Iran gave its most decisive and definitive game-changing response to Israel’s aggressions.

In a move that was unprecedented in its scale and scope, Iran's forces launched drones and missiles at the rogue Jewish state destroying many critical infrastructures, including the airport from which the planes were launched to bomb its consulate.

Iran warned that its well-announced attack was a mere slap and that it would respond more harshly to any retaliation from Israel. The country also reportedly warned the US to stay clear of its fight with Israel lest its bases in West Asia would be attacked.

Whichever we choose to consider it, the Iranians have upended the carefully constructed Western hegemony in West Asia.

First, it’s clear to everyone now that things will never be the same again in this volatile region of the world.

The Arab and the Islamic world have been redeemed by the bold actions of the Iranians.

It cannot but gladden the heart of the people of the region to finally have someone standing up to their decades of abuse and humiliation by a tiny bit brutal and violent settlers.

Until it so boldly and conclusively gave its reply yesterday, most of the arrogant pundits in the West have dismissed the Iranian threat as one of the ventilations by cowardly Arab leaders with their sounds of fury that signify nothing.

These illiterate talking heads appear not to understand the simple fact that Iranians are not Arabs and that the Persians have a history that dates to at least five thousand years.

The Iranian attack not only put paid to the unchallenged arrogance of the West and the prodigal child it sired in the Levant, but it equally changed the geopolitical landscape of the region for the foreseeable future.

By its move against Israel Iran can claim legitimacy to being the leader of the Islamic World which has looked to be redeemed from its humiliation by the West which lacks the charitable heart to consider its vanquished enemy with any compassion.

Turkey’s Erdogan blew his chance to lead by his stupid pussy-footings. Few in that region will consider the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a leader, and it’s difficult to see how the corrupt and otiose rulers of that country can be viewed as representing anything apart from their corrupt selfish interests.

The great lesson for us in Africa here is that nothing redeems a people like gaining and protecting their sovereignty.

Iranians everywhere today have the right to jubilate after they witnessed the accomplishment of their patriotic leaders who ruggedly pursued a strictly independent and sovereign path to national redemption and reconstruction. The evidence of their accomplishments post-1979 is there for the world to see!

Unfortunately, the Woke idiotic leaders in the West continue to pile up their mistakes. Only complete idiots persist in making exactly the same mistakes over and over. The West mistook the patience of V Putin for cowardice. They lampooned and dismissed him after he showcased the impressive military hardware his scientists and engineers had crafted. They pushed the envelope until the Russians decided to put a stop to their petulant nastiness. The results are clear to all to see today.

The West, ever tone-deaf, also pushed the Iranians beyond the threshold of their tolerance until they finally snapped and hit back yesterday.

Today, the world waits with baited air for the reaction of the West and the inevitable counter-reaction of the Iranians.

Was this what the world looked like on the eve of WW I & II?