World Vision organise Market Linkage Fair at Binduri district

Regional News World Vision organise Market Linkage Fair at Binduri district
APR 1, 2024 LISTEN

World Vision Ghana (WVG) has organised an agriculture market linkage fair in the Binduri District of the Upper East Region.

The event is for people in the agriculture sector to network and connect with buyers, suppliers, aggregators, and other stakeholders. The fair aimed to promote the growth of the agriculture sector in the district by facilitating the exchange of information and creating business opportunities.

The event brought together farmers from Nafkoliga, Atuba, Bansi, Bazua, Kaadi, Binduri, and other agribusinesses, input dealers, government officials, and development partners who showcased their products and services. Farmers had the opportunity to learn about new farming techniques, technologies and market trends.

In the Binduri District of the Upper East region, farmers lack an active agriculture value chain which has affected their productivity. This resulted in the insufficiency of household food and poverty.

To address this, World Vision Ghana, with funding support from Kneuer, has organised an Agricultural Market Linkage Fair for agricultural value chain stakeholders in the Binduri district.

The manager of FMNR PLUS project, Edward Anaba Akunyagra, said the activities are aimed at promoting the visibility of agricultural value chain activities, promoting business-to-business (B2B) opportunities, and building a network to support sustainable access to the market and services of key value chain products.

He added that the fair also provided a platform for smallholder farmers and agribusiness owners to interact, exchange information, share lessons, and learn from each other, as well as build and strengthen networks.

According to him, it also provided a platform for farmers to access resources such as farm inputs, technical knowledge, and marketing and financial services. The market linkage fairs also provided an opportunity for stakeholders to identify challenges and opportunities in the agricultural value chain to address issues of the linkage.

Poanab Sekina Mumuni, a participant from the Kpalwega community, commended the world vision for the fair, saying it provided her with the opportunity to learn, network, and access new markets, ultimately contributing to her overall economic development.

Another farmer, Peter Aduala, expresses his happiness to World Vision for creating such an environment for them to come together to do business with suppliers and bankers.

Anyagri Sampson Akolee, a farmer said World Vision has been of support for so many years. According to him, youth in Binduri in the dry season run to Kumasi and other mining communities for green pastures, but that's not the case anymore. He noted that World Vision has been able to block "our movement by giving us jobs. We are grateful to them."

World Vision Ghana used the occasion to donate agricultural inputs and sanitary materials to farmers and some selected primary and junior high schools across the Binduri District. The items include dry season pumping machines, watering cans, Dustbins, Wallington boots, buckets, and among others.

Atubugri Simon Atule
Atubugri Simon Atule

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