GTA Director Mr. Angelo Yossi Dogbe urges collaboration for Northern Region's growth

Travel & Tourism GTA Director Mr. Angelo Yossi Dogbe urges collaboration for Northern Region's growth

In a momentous event hosted in the lively city of Tamale, Mr. Angelo Yossi Dogbe, the Northern Regional Director of the Ghana Tourism Authority, welcomed stakeholders to the 2nd Northern Trade, Industry and Investment Summit.

The summit, held under the theme "Enhancing Trade and Industries in Northern Ghana Through Capacity Development and Strategic Investment," emphasized the untapped economic potential residing in the Northern Region.

Addressing the diverse audience, Mr. Dogbe highlighted the region's abundant natural resources, rich cultural heritage, and industrious populace eager to contribute to the global marketplace. The focus of the event was on unlocking opportunities for trade, industry, tourism, and investment in the Northern Region.

Mr. Dogbe stressed the importance of tourism as a catalyst for economic growth and development. He called upon government agencies, private investors, and local communities to collaborate in harnessing the tourism potential of the Northern Region. The Ghana Tourism Authority expressed openness to partnerships with development partners, investors, and government agencies committed to propelling the region's economic development.

The speech underscored a commitment to sustainable development practices, prioritizing environmental conservation, social inclusivity, and equitable growth. Mr. Dogbe urged all stakeholders, including government officials, business leaders, investors, and community representatives, to actively engage in discussions and commit to initiatives that propel the region towards a future of prosperity and sustainable development.

As a parting note, Mr. Dogbe invited potential investors and development partners to explore the numerous untapped natural attractions within the Northern Region. Notable sites included Saakpuli slave wells and relics, Yaa Na’s Palace in Yendi, the Botanga irrigation dam in Kumbungu, and smock weaving centers in Gushegu. Interested parties were encouraged to contact the Northern Regional Office of the Ghana Tourism Authority for investment opportunities.

In closing, the event set the stage for a collaborative effort to drive tourist traffic to the Northern Region, paving the way for economic prosperity and sustainable development.

Attractive Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah
Attractive Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah

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