06.03.2024 Letter

An open letter to Gonja Land Youth Association

By Alhassan Abdul Latif
An open letter to Gonja Land Youth Association
06.03.2024 LISTEN

Dear GLYA,
It is my hope that this anecdote finds you in peace, not in pieces. I am a Dagomba boy whose senses have not yet been entirely consumed by politics and politicians. Though, I am deeply involved in politics and political activism, I still have some iota of senses left to protect four things; my integrity, my religion, my family, and my tribe, Dagbang!. Until casket, there is no day I will choose politics over any of the four aforementioned entities.

Not to sound ethnocentric, I see Dagbang and Dagonbas to have no co-equals when it comes to bravery, brains, and fashionable culture. As I mentioned earlier, this is far from journeying on the path of ethnicity, thus seeing my tribe as superior and others as inferior. This is just a genuine, enormous love for one's clan and kinsmen, which God Himself enjoins and embedded in the scriptures. As the Holy Quran rightly mentioned in Suratul Ash_Shurā, chapter 42:23 "..........No reward do I ask of you for this except the love of those near of kin........" The Holy Bible emphasises on kinsman ship by devoting a lot of time and space for the Laws of the Kinsman Redeemer.

It is factual that the essential staple for the development of every kingdom is the youth. I honestly sometimes find it so disappointing in terms of the poor recognition given to the youth of Dagbang in the traditional dispensation of Dagbang. It appears that the Dagbang youth have not gotten the much need recognition by the custodians of Dagbang Tradition. Sometimes, I harbour the painful feeling that there is nothing called Dagbang Youth Association (DAYA) within the realms of Dagbang.

My interest in youth activism has made me follow the development in this youth wing, DAYA, to a point of feeling, that it is no existential in practical sense, but only exists on social media, goggle classroom, and in documents. A youth wing that was supposed to be a wherewithal and a backbone to the development of the kingdom is turned out to be a white elephant?

My long-term obsession with the non-functional demeanour of DAYA has made me jealous GonjaLand Youth Association (GLYA) with punity and not impunity. The jealousy stems from how organised GLYA is, how vibrant the leadership is, and how it has survived and stands a long-term dirty operation of politics and politicians that DAYA could not cope with. Indeed, I have followed and loved the module operandi of Gonja Land Youth for a while now.

The above inquisitive jealousy has made me follow the worrisome development in the Savannah Region that has implicated GLYA, the NPP, and the NDC. That is the BUSUNU INCIDENT!

This incident seems to be taking a political dimension with my dear GLYA at the pivotal point of political focal lenses of both NPP and NDC, with NPP taking an antagonistic position with GLYA, the reason I have authored this piece.

The worry started getting down my spine when I first read the NPP's presser, refusing and justifying why they never owned anyone an apology and will therefore not apologise as demanded by GLYA. The presser went on to selectively apologise to the section of people who are connected to this incident. NPP youth to defy the orders or plea of GLYA in Gonja Land? Things are not normal! I solemnly introspected.

To solidify my curiosity, I went to read the GLYA's presser, which made it clear for both political divides to render an apology to the people. Of course, none of them did except defending and justifying their own actions, and threatening to take future actions that would have dire consequences. With NDC's presser detailing how the NPP has been so disrespectful towards John Dramani Mahama on so many occasions held in the Savannah Region, a development they see as a gross misbehaviour towards a noble man in his own backyard. With the NPP's presser attacking GLYA as if they were the only political party asked to apologise.

I am actually bemused about the above development.

As a man who observes from afar, I am worried that politics and politicians seem to be poking their ugly tendons into the affair of GLYA. I am worried that GLYA is losing the assertiveness, control, and authority it has on Gonja Land. I am worried that they are losing it like other loss it. The elders have it that to forewarn is to forearm. My grandfather used to tell us, "When your friend's father beard is on fire, the best you can do is to have water sprinkled on your father's own. "

GLYA, do not say I did not tell you. I am telling you that politics and politicians are about to tear you apart. If you have something to do, do it now! There is no pacing carpet. The butterfly always says more time, and before it realises, it is consumed by fire.

Written by:
Alhassan Abdul-Latif, A. Latif Zoonaayili Becash.

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