Community mining schemes to sustainable, responsible mining - Deputy Lands Minister

By Irene Wirekoaa Osei- ISD || Contributor
Social News Community mining schemes to sustainable, responsible mining - Deputy Lands Minister
MAR 4, 2024 LISTEN

The Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources responsible for mining, Mr George Mireku Duker, has stated that the establishment of community mining schemes across the country is not just about job creation but also about promoting responsible and sustainable mining practices.

He noted that the government's commitment to the establishment of CMS aims to strike a balance between economic development and environmental protection for the benefit of present and future generations.

He said this last Friday at the launch of the Bompieso Community Mining Scheme (CMS) in the Prestea-Huni Valley Municipality.

He called on chiefs and residents to act as "watchdogs," and collaborate with the government to combat illegal mining, that is threatening water resources.

This collaborative approach, according to Mr Mireku Duker, underlines the shared responsibility for protecting the environment and ensuring the scheme's long-term success.

“… everyone here must remember the importance of our waterbodies and help us protect them from harmful mining activities. We know illegal miners try to influence chiefs and opinion leaders in the communities to allow them to undertake their activities but I want to appeal to you all to rise and reject such offers and help the government protect our waterbodies.

"The President is only one person and cannot be everywhere at the same time but we the locals have a responsibility to help fight the menace. Reject anything meant to influence you and let's clamp down on illegal mining activities in the country. The CMS is for all Ghanaians and capable of creating a lot of jobs for most Ghanaians,” he said

The Chief of Bompieso, Nana Atta Brempong, expressed appreciation to the government for bringing the CMS into the community and pledged his full cooperation to ensuring the scheme's success.

The Bompieso Community Mining Scheme (CMS) is expected to create over 5,000 direct employments, catalyzing economic progress and a beacon of hope for a better future.