Gomoa Amoanda: Court begins trial over alleged plot to kill a chief

By Simon Tetteh || Contributor
Crime & Punishment Gomoa Amoanda: Court begins trial over alleged plot to kill a chief
MAR 1, 2024 LISTEN

In a courtroom spectacle at the Awutu Breku District Court, the trial of six individuals accused of assaulting elders from the Gomoa Amoanda Twedan Royal Family in the Central Region commenced.

The accused, standing trial for their alleged involvement in the brutalization of the royal family's elders on January 5, are facing charges related to the assault. The attack reportedly followed accusations of a plot to assassinate a former chief of Amoanda, identified as Samuel Inkoom, along with seven others.

Identified as Samuel Inkoom (A1), Oluman (A2), Taller (A3), Gyasahene Kobina Inkoom (A4), Joe Apaa (A5), and Annor Obeng (A6), the accused pleaded not guilty to the assault charges during their appearance in court.

The prosecution, represented by ASP Bernice Wie Kpoosoo, initiated the trial by questioning the first witness, Ebusuapanyin Kwame Baah. Baah affirmed his commitment to his initial statement, prompting further inquiry into the events leading to the assault.

In a gripping cross-examination, defense counsel Mr. Peter Adalewey Gaba scrutinized Baah's legitimacy as Ebusuapanyin to the royal Twedan family, his formal enstoolment, and his acceptance by the Omanhene. Baah maintained his credentials amidst the barrage of questioning.

The courtroom drama escalated as the defense alleged Baah's involvement in a plot to assassinate the former chief and others, a claim vehemently denied by Baah.

Providing a chilling account of the assault, Baah recounted being confronted by the accused on January 5, 2024, and subsequently attacked after refusing to acknowledge the authority of the abdicated chief.

Following Baah's testimony, the court adjourned the case to reconvene on March 4, 2024, marking a temporary halt to the legal proceedings.

The assault on the Gomoa Amoanda Twedan Royal Family elders stemmed from allegations of a conspiracy to assassinate former chief Osuapem Kwabudu III and seven others. The complex saga unfolded against the backdrop of chieftaincy disputes and power struggles within the community.

Samuel Inkoom's tumultuous reign as chief, marked by his abdication and subsequent attempts to reclaim his title, underscored the deep-seated tensions within the community. Inkoom's alleged forcible reinstallation as chief further exacerbated the conflict, leading to the tragic events that now play out in the courtroom.