Amasaman: Tension mounts in Fise as angry youth protest against installation of ‘parallel chief’

Headlines Amasaman: Tension mounts in Fise as angry youth protest against installation of parallel chief
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Tension is currently mounting in the Fise community near Amasaman in the Ga North Municipality amidst heavy security presence following an alleged secret installation of a parallel chief by the Chief of Sempe, Nii Otinto.

The said new chief who comes from the Akutsemaa family of Fise, was allegedly installed at Sempe on Friday 9 th February, 2024. He and his elders were allegedly planning to stage a huge majestic entry into the Fise community on Sunday 11 th February, 2024, but were resisted by the angry youth, elders of Fise and the armed police.

Addressing an emergency press conference at Fise, the angry youth led by Asafoatse Yaw Mensah Dekpe said that there is an existing Chief who was installed to succeed the late Chief, Nii Fisher I, popularly known as Godson William Bruce Konuah who died on 2nd October 2002.

“It was Otublohum Paramount Chief, Nii Dodoo Nsaki II, and the then Chief of Pokuase, Oto Kwame III and their elders who came to bury him and not the Sempe Stool or any of the Sempe elders. It was the same Nii Dodoo Nsaki II who installed the current Chief of Fise, Nii Darko First-Quao on 4th November, 2022 with the known head of the First-Quao Fisher family of Fise in the person of Mr. Solomon Nii Dodoo Nyan-Quao who obtained a judgement over all Fise lands with the root of title hailing from Otublohum,” he stated.


The youth insisted that the Fise community does not belong to Sempe neither does the Sempe land stretch to Fise.

“We the Youth of Fise are on high alert to resist any such illegal Chief from entering this community. We are very angry and are ready to chase that illegal chief away no matter the consequences,” they stated.

They were of the view that the installation of a parallel chief in the same community would be a recipe for destructive conflict, which would derail the development and peace of the community. There were visible signs of tension, fear and panic among the people of Fise town at the time the media got to the community. People had gathered in groups, after the news about the possible entering of a second chief broke out.

The Chief of Fise, Nii Darko First-Quao in an interview with the media confirmed the report. He indicated that his palace had made an official complaint to the Police in Amasaman, who were present in their numbers to protect lives and properties.

However, Nii Darko First-Quao urged the people especially the angry youth to remain calm and stay out of any destructive actions; and allow the security to do their work.

The Fise Chief called on the Ga Traditional Council and the Elders of the Otublohum Traditional Council to call the Sempe Chief, Nii Otinto to order before things get out of hand. He said that the Sempe Chief has no jurisdiction over Fise but rather the Otublohum Paramountcy.

He revealed that on the 8th November, 2023, Otublohum Paramount stool father in the person of George A. Heward Mills addressed a letter directly to the Chief of Staff of Sempe in the person of Nii Lantey Anum Tetteh with a notice to seize an unlawful activity on Sempe-Fise lands which belong to Otublohum. It is found on the Ghana Gold Coast Chief list with Fise being number 19 under Otublohum with a caretaker called Alow in the year 1916 till date.

He mentioned one Anum Tetteh, the Chief of Staff of Sempe, Mr. Adotei Brown (Sempe SIENTSE) and a few of the Sempe elders as those causing the illegal parallel chieftaincy problems.

Edmond Gyebi
Edmond Gyebi

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