Work begins on Lambussie-Nandom road

By Bamie Ahmed II Contributor
Regional News Work begins on Lambussie-Nandom road
JAN 29, 2024 LISTEN

The Lambussie District capital, the only district capital in the Upper West Region without a kilometer of tarred road would receive a facelift when work on the 8km Nandom-Brutu to Lambussie road is completed.

The district is bedeviled with a generally poor road network which puts road users through a difficult situation when using the roads, making connectivity and access across the district, painful.

The major trunk road linking Nandom through Lambussie to Gwollu had been awarded on contract by the government to PW Ghanem to tar 8km of the road which ends at the Lambussie Community Day SHS per the contract.

The contractor is currently on site working to complete the work within six months. This development however, does not absolve the district of bad roads which needs urgent attention from government.

It will be recalled that the Lambussie township roads were awarded to a contractor in 2019 to tar some 7 kilometers, but the contractor did not report on site. However, the district has witnessed the improvement of some farm access roads through funding by the European Union whi h is not enough to address the entire situation.