End discrimination and support us during disaster — Oti Regional Fulanis Executives urged NADMO

By Yentumi Mawuli || Contributor
Regional News End discrimination and support us during disaster — Oti Regional Fulanis Executives urged NADMO

The Oti Regional Executives of Fulanis has urged the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to end discrimination and support them during disasters.

The Regional Executives accused the Government and NADMO of supporting households affected by various disasters in Ghana but always denied them in the same situations.

Mr Isah Ali Sonde, the Regional Chairman said this during the inauguration of the 27-member committee in the Oti Region to steer the affairs of Tabital Pulaaku International.

The Regional Executives would play essential roles between the Fulanis and farmers in the region.

The committee members would also collaborate with the various Districts and Municipal committee peacemakers for conflict prevention and resolution.

The twenty-seven-member committee is chaired by Mr Isah Ali Sonde and assisted by Omar Mohammed, Mr Mohammed Sani as Public Relations Officer and assisted by Mr Hassan Musah, Mr Adamu Ibrahim as Organizer and assisted by Jallow Zakaria, Mr Ibrahim Musah as Financial secretary and assisted by Mr Ali Sidi Abdurahman.

Mr Abdulai Abubakar as the Youth Organizer and assisted by Mr Osmana Ibrahim, Mr Mohammed Ibrahim as Secretary and assisted by Mr Mohammed Omar, Madam IIhamatu Abdul Nasir as Women Organizer, Mr Adamu Atiko as Treasurer and assisted by Mr Mohammed Jallow, Mr Yobi Amadu for conflict prevention and resolution and assisted by Mr Ali Adamu and Mr Abdulai Omar.

The Oti Regional Tabital Pulaaku International Council of Elders are as follows, Mr Kaduna Alhaji, Mr Bube Yakubu Alhaji, Mr Mohammed Seidu, Mr Abubakar Abdurahman, Mr Mohammed Yahyah, Mr Omar Yahyah, Mr Salifu Omar, Mr Yakubu Alhaji and Mr Najema Alhaji.

Mr Isah Ali Sonde, the chairman was grateful for the committee and assured to work hard for his people.

He said that the Fulanis are peacemakers and focused people who have zero interest in disturbances wherever they find themselves.

Mr Abdul-Ibrahim, the Chief Imam of the Volta Region and also a national council member of Tabital Pulaaku International, advised the nomadic herdsmen to have good relationships with farmers and avoid using their cattle to destroy farmers' crops.