Criticises Ghana Football Administration for poor management - Collins Yaw Jnr

By Boakye-Sarfo Clement ll Genesis Radio
Critics Criticises Ghana Football Administration for poor management - Collins Yaw Jnr

The Ghana Black Stars' disappointing performance in the 2024 AFCON has sparked a wave of criticism towards the Ghana Football Administration (GFA).

Among the vocal critics is Mr. Collins Yaw, a prominent figure in the Ghanaian sports community and the District Football Association Chairman for Asunafo North (DFA), who has recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the GFA's management of Ghana football.

In a scathing critique, Mr. Yaw highlighted the failures of the GFA in effectively managing the national football team.

He argued that the poor performance of the Black Stars in the AFCON tournament was a clear indication of the GFA's inability to nurture and develop talent, implement effective strategies, and provide the necessary support for the team's success.

One of the key concerns raised by Mr. Yaw was the lack of a long-term vision and strategic planning by the GFA.

He criticized the organization for its failure to invest in grassroots development programs, which are crucial for nurturing young talent and building a strong foundation for the national team. He also highlighted the need for improved coaching and training facilities, as well as better scouting networks to identify and recruit promising players.

Mr. Yaw emphasized that the blame should not be solely placed on the shoulders of the sports ministers who come and go with each political administration. Instead, he firmly pointed his finger at the GFA, stressing that the organization has remained present throughout the years, regardless of political changes. He argued that the GFA should take responsibility for the current state of Ghanaian football and work towards rectifying the issues at hand.

Furthermore, Mr. Yaw expressed disappointment in the GFA's handling of financial matters. He called for greater transparency and accountability in the management of funds allocated to Ghana football, emphasizing the need for proper utilization of resources to enhance the overall performance of the national team.

Mr. Collins Yaw firmly placed the blame for the Ghana Black Stars' poor performance in the 2024 AFCON on the Ghana Football Administration.

He stressed that while politicians may come and go, the GFA remains a constant entity responsible for the development and management of Ghanaian football.

He called upon the GFA to take immediate action to address the shortcomings and implement necessary reforms to ensure a brighter future for Ghana football.

It is hoped that Mr. Yaw's criticism will serve as a wake-up call for the GFA, prompting them to reevaluate their strategies, invest in youth development, and prioritize the long-term success of the national team. Only through effective management and a commitment to excellence can Ghana football regain its former glory and compete at the highest level on the international stage.