GPRTU: Unruly, Anti-State

Editorial GPRTU: Unruly, Anti-State
JAN 22, 2024 LISTEN

Some individuals and organisations have been challenging the authority of the Republic to maintain law and order as well as peace and security.

The power of the state cannot be taken for granted to the extent that it is widely believed that in the realm, “after God is the government”.

Unfortunately, certain characters in our country are quick to call the bluff of the state just because some freedoms have been guaranteed by the Fourth Republican Constitution. However, some of these freedoms that the people hold to their chests like a badge of honour are not protected by these freedom legislations provided for in our constitution.

Within a few days, the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) and a so-called separatist group calling itself, the Western Togoland Governing Council and Defence Council are challenging the authority of the state. Of serious concern is the impunity of this secessionist movement to announce a taskforce to disorganise the December 7, 2024 polls in the Volta Region.

We wonder why this group gains prominence only when the NDC is in opposition, compelling some Ghanaians to speculate that certain leading members of that party might be the bankrollers.

Conversely, another school holds the view that it would be politically suicidal for the NDC to back confusion in its stronghold. We cannot fathom the strength of this group to be daring the state and “misbehaving” in the Volta Region while national security and the Volta Regional Coordinating Council led by the Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Yao Letsa looks on helplessly.

We will deal with this threat later but for now, we also want to know where the GPRTU and other transport operators are getting the authority to adjust transport fares upwards without the prior approval of the government?

Here again is it a confirmation of the belief that these transport operators are wings of the NDC and have announced between 20 and 30 per cent upward adjustment to make the Akufo-Addo government unpopular?

The GPRTU claim high operation cost had forced it to announce the upward adjustment at a time prices of petroleum products have remained stable or even dropped marginally and inflation has also dropped significantly. Somewhere last year, in the wake of persistent fall in the prices of petroleum products, the GPRTU directed its members to slash the fares by 10 per cent. This directive was flouted by the drivers with the connivance of the GPRTU.

The question is, will their threat of a 30 per cent upward adjustment be based on the ten per cent reduction, which statement is in the public domain or what will it be? We think the state has become weak in exerting its authority on the body politics, confirming the Akan adage that when too many holes develop on the ant hill, all kinds of creatures enter so easily.

SOURCE: Daily Guide