A Ghanaian husband in London needs urgent help before the chilly Winter weather kills him

By Rockson Adofo || London
Diaspora (UK & Ireland) A Ghanaian husband in London needs urgent help before the chilly Winter weather kills him
JAN 18, 2024 LISTEN

A married Ghanaian man in London, the United Kingdom, is now in a precarious situation that without urgent assistance extended to him, he could become “a gone too soon” fellow. His life is in a critical condition that requires an immediate solution to reverse it.

This unknown man has been chucked out of his marital home by his legally married Ghanaian wife into the current sub-zero temperature weather of the United Kingdom. A man who prior to being sadly forced out of his marital home was a teetotaller, has now resorted to drinking alcohol in the hope of keeping himself warm to avoid freezing to death.

Are there any good Samaritans out there who can offer this Ghanaian a temporary solution to his unfortunate situation that presently bothers on death and life, if I am not afraid to say?

As good, love and caring as he is, he brought his girlfriend from Ghana to the United Kingdom, has a child with her and lived together with her as husband and wife.

The mistake he made was to help the wife legalize her immigrant status before him.

The mishap culminating in his current homelessness, seeing him thrown out by his wife onto the streets of London in this chilly or freezing wintry weather, was his decision to solicit the help of another Ghanaian man to acquire his child and wife much invaluable help as explained in the attached audio.

This third person may be the ultimate reason behind the wife getting rid of the husband so callously.

For personal reasons based on the sensitivity of the case, I will not write into detail about the man’s fate but leave readers to make their judgement by listening to the audio.

I don’t know the man, but I know people who know the wife of the pastor interviewing him or the pastor himself.

I have been told the pastor was once a Pentecost Church member both in Paris, France, and in London. When in Paris, he was a member of the musical team hence a very popular or famous person. I stand to be corrected.

Anyone interested in offering him any form of assistance can contact my publishers, and, leaving their email or WhatsApp contacts. They will then liaise me with you and I will get you in touch with the pastor and finally, the husband in distress, if and only if, he will make himself available.

Under normal circumstances, I would disclose my email address but as once bitten twice shy, I am taking extra precautions hence the winding path to reaching me or that unknown suffering Ghanaian husband.

I hope many Ghanaians will learn a bitter lesson from the fate of the husband in this case. Some Ghanaian wives in the diaspora have done same to their husbands as the married woman in this story. It has happened to many a Ghanaian husband in Europe and America with some ending their lives or going completely mad because of heartbreak.

Let me limit myself to seeking assistance for the man in question. Any advice to fellow Ghanaians about the treatment of husbands by some wives in the diaspora will be a topic for discussion another day.