NPP gov't has failed Bono Youth - NDC Deputy Regional Youth Organizer

By Kwame Frimpong Bright Bush || Contributor
Press Release NPP gov't has failed Bono Youth - NDC Deputy Regional Youth Organizer
JAN 10, 2024 LISTEN

The people of Bono, especially the youth, has been very generous to the NPP with unflinching support in the various national elections in the country since 1992 but it is sad that the leaders of the party especially government appointees, have chosen greed and corruption over youth employment.

Until the 2020 elections, the NPP had predominantly dominated the number of parliamentary seats in the Bono region, their last glory was the 2016 elections where they won 11 out of 12 seats in the region, with a huge surprise in the 2020 elections where it became 6 versus 6. This affirms that the people of Bono have shown nothing but their love for the New Patriotic Party that only uses them as collateral for wealth among the NPP leading members in the region.

The population census in the region as at 2021 stands at 1,208,649 with over 440,490 being Youth but it is sad that over 70% of these young people are unemployed leaving their fledgling future in a quagmire.

The Bono Region can boast of about 17 tertiary institutions which churns out thousands of students annually and this coupled with the already piled up of high unemployed skilled and unskilled labors without any support for those without skills.

The inability of the NPP government to create jobs to absorb these determined young people craving for jobs has not only created hunger and poverty but also left many with no choice other than fleeing to seek greener pastures in abroad hence brain drain. Almost hundreds of young people are relocating to different countries weekly, due to lost of confidence in the country’s economy and Bono Region is not exceptional.

The failure of the government to create better economic conditions for the youth in the region is a reflection of the various government appointees hailing from the region as well as the appointees in the region.

Most of these appointees have chosen to expand their personal financial coast other than to create jobs for the teeming unemployed youth who have supported them all these years.

It is only fair that they explain to the youth why they chose greed over making any meaningful contributions in the lives of these stranded youth and why they must continue to enjoy these privileges given to them by the people.

I therefore urge all the youth in the region to remain steadfastly committed and not to entertain any monetary enticement in this coming election to avoid any further deterioration on their lives.

However, the youth in the region has taken notice of illegal acquisitions of some state lands in the region by some of these appointees who hail from the region and shall petition the OSP for further action.

We can not have a better Ghana if greed and corruption supersede patriotism.

Mustapha Omar Copson
Deputy Bono Regional Youth Organizer