Global Elections 2024 Will Squeeze the Do or Die Economies - Special Report

Feature Article Global Elections 2024 Will Squeeze the Do or Die Economies - Special Report
DEC 31, 2023 LISTEN

The global elections of 2024 will squeeze the do or die economies: The top number one national issue in each election country is neither an aborted mission to Mars nor sudden wars or fireworks sparkling fake ideas; for voters of each country, only one common major problem exists across all elections: economy, economy, and economy. Relax and listen

This time, it is not just developing countries anxiously struggling to become more affluent; it is more about any prosperity they gained previously, now shredding them backward into poverty. It is either to stand up as a prosperous economy, create a productive national citizenry strong enough to face the global age of competitiveness, or just keep lingering and slowly getting dimmer.

The earthquake elections: Digitally overexposed, the national economies are visible on indices. At the same time, their economic development handlers are profiled on LinkedIn; irrespective of good or bad performances, all can be checked against their skills. The 2024 years will squeeze out real performances to survive. Very few countries can survive the debt dance tango; for the rest, while stripped naked, it may only be a slow death dance.

Global elections 2024 will squeeze the do or die economies; measured will be the integrities, tested will be democracies, destroyed will be economies, but awakened will be humankind. Citizens will demand proof of the credibility of elections and the viability of the number of votes and expose the liabilities of the leadership. Displaying visible damage and lingering ideologies will force economic development to demonstrate meritocracy-based performances as a top priority and open, transparent agenda.

Warnings: As technology advances, the previous old-proven traditional one-day election methods of thumbprints, marking X signs or symbols on paper votes, and counting them manually are already in question. Now, managed as data-center-techno-polling in the cloud, all created by human-manufactured AI and with blinking lights in the dark chambers. The humming of the invisible record less election dancing for weeks, disappearing for months while awaiting concession speech. Is this when people may completely lose faith and reject entirely the election process and electoral management? This could lead to a situation where the restless citizenry walks out for an all-out change.

The essential hot spots are the USA, Russia, EU, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, Iran, Bangladesh, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Mexico, Austria, Syria, Nigeria and dozens more.

When the National Agenda is like an open book: When nation-building is the prime goal and uplifting the national citizenry to stand up to the global age of competitiveness is the master strategy. When up-skilling and re-skilling are the agenda to revitalize small and medical sectors of the nation as the main drivers of the big economy when women are considered the second missing wheel of the same economic carts when youth is regarded as the future of the nation, hence all pragmatism deployed to achieve such noble goals.

When National Agenda a closed book: Current realities of economic wars: Economic development without entrepreneurialism can lead to economic destruction, leaving nations visibly trapped. Economic power is essential for any political power, but without entrepreneurial power, there can never be any economic power. Nevertheless, entrepreneurial power can only be achieved if the mindset hypothesis is balanced. This means finding a balance between the job seeker's and job creator's mindsets, one of the most significant models for economic success.

Productivity is the lifeguard: Drowning in printed currencies and increasing the debt ceiling is not a sign of economic success but rather a grand economic failure. Neglecting citizens who cannot compete in the global age of competitiveness is a political failure. Furthermore, failing to identify, categorize, and digitize high-potential SMEs is an economic development failure.

Calling Entrepreneurialism: Why it is critically essential to engage with hidden powers of entrepreneurial mysticism? When so proven and historically responsible for leading trade and commerce worldwide, economic development fronts showing the consequences of neglecting them are now visible as common economic crises across the electoral nations.

Understanding new economic thinking: This narrative is not an academic study but an entrepreneurial response. New entrepreneurial thinking is henceforth very offensive; naivety accepted, but tactical reasoning and debate openly challenged. Nevertheless, failing to understand the 'mindset hypothesis,' the difference between the job seeker and job creator mindsets is the first critical step to learning for any serious dialogue on SME economic recovery. Failing to articulate the 'national mobilization of entrepreneurialism' is the second step to mastering any economic development activity. Ignoring the rise of the economic power of small and medium businesses worldwide is a grave mistake. More on Google

Create a diverse ocean of small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs and give them ample space to think and develop their ideas. Let go of economic theories, reduce the emphasis on access to finance, and stop idolizing academia, as these can negatively influence entrepreneurial minds. Entrepreneurial mindsets are job-creators, and economic development teams are job-seeker mindsets. A combination of both mindsets is needed to create economic success and entrepreneurial-based value-creation.

Encourage open debates and discussions on the Mindset Hypothesis and conduct further research on Google, as both mindsets are needed to work together for great success. Economic development teams who solely possess job-seeker mindsets are susceptible to economic failures, so a detailed study is essential.

Small ideas turning into big ones are a complex process that takes time to understand. We must study mindsets and why ballerinas can't become sumo wrestlers and vice versa. Small initiatives can lead to significant victories, but it takes an open-minded approach and a grand vision to achieve this. We should learn quickly, be willing to fail and maintain an entrepreneurial spirit.

Needed is Futuristic Literacy: We should have understood a long while ago that there is no such thing as the sudden arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and what was happening around us was to recognize the arrival of the First Industrial Revolution of the Mind. Futurism is office-work-less office-less, job-less, and border-less. The biggest mistake of bureaucracies of the world's free economies during the last decades was ignoring the digitization and transformation towards the virtualization of economies and not clinging to their desks and filing cabinets.

The new age: Behold the earlier 'industrial- age" and how it was developed by cheap and hard labor; now notice how smart and fluid minds provide wings to uplift the "digital age" worldwide. The free world's economies desperately need a quick immersion in the fundamental differences between the two: the 'physicality of work' and the 'mentality of performance.' How will this new math drive human productivity, affecting performance and profitability?

The 4B Factor: Governments across the free world failed to up-skill citizenry and now face the 4B Factor; when a billion workers are displaced due to the pandemic, a billion are replaced due to automation; a billion are misplaced due to improper job titles, and now a billion on starvation watch due to collapsing economies.

Entrepreneurship is not solely about making money, as it already has the potential to generate wealth and grow automatically. Therefore, promoting and encouraging entrepreneurialism at the national level is crucial to help mobilize and uplift society. Part of the national agenda should focus on increasing the skills of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and fostering a mindset that blends job creation with job seeking. Unfortunately, many economic development teams worldwide only have a job-seeking mindset, making it difficult to promote new entrepreneurial ventures or create new enterprises with innovative solutions to economic challenges.

How Can Entrepreneurialism Save The World?

Entrepreneurialism is a long word; it may take a minute to spell and hours to figure out its meaning, but it takes years to understand and a lifetime to prove how it works magnificently. Across the world, everyone is born as an entrepreneur. When fully developed, it is a nature's gift and a tremendous natural human skill.

Enemies of Entrepreneurialism: Often, our family members crush our entrepreneurial spirit with good intentions, urging us to follow their traditional occupation instead of venturing into new and unknown territories. Close friends discourage us from pursuing unconventional ideas and may try to keep us tethered to them. Later in life, this can become a burden and a visible obstacle for "out of the box" thinkers pursuing unheard and unusual ideas that challenge the status quo.

Life-long learning: Imagine how difficult it was for visionaries like Tesla to convince the establishment of their ideas. Steve Jobs was even fired from his company because the board couldn't see beyond their conventional ideas. However, he later returned, saved the company, and became legendary. If you study the last 1000 entrepreneurs worldwide, you will see that most had little or no formal education, yet they changed the world and brought about economic advancements. However, simply using buzzwords like "entrepreneurialism" doesn't guarantee success. It takes years to understand and a lifetime to master.

Proven history: The original Silicon Valley in the USA was not an academic or financial revolution but rather an entrepreneurial journey long before the terms 'IT' and 'technology' became popular. The clusters of entrepreneurs who led this march had a revolutionary mindset of creating jobs, and they emerged from their garages to break old systems, create new alternatives, and change the world forever. This was a revolution of entrepreneurs created by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs.

E-commerce was the first and most significant transformation compressed on the fastest tracks, and over a billion people became experts in the following decade. The rest is history. Today, about 100 other nations are still trying hard to become copycats with their versions of Silicon Valley.

The Summary:
Three Strategies to Avoid Societal Suicides: Firstly, today, no world order exists but a chaotic disorder; however, without order at home base, why even seek out a world order? Furthermore, there is always an order with economic order, and there is only economic order if based on real-value creation and not the value manipulation economic order. Hence, there is no economic order of any type without entrepreneurial economic order. Why lead with an internal order is so critical. Why grassroots prosperity will save the nations and why entrepreneurship will lead the way.

Secondly, there are three solutions to survive socio-econo-collapse: Firstly, we need to recognize and optimize the potential of the citizenry by identifying and balancing their job-seeker and job-creator mindsets with unique strengths and skills. This requires the involvement of skilled and knowledgeable individuals, not just teams of psychologists. We must inspire and motivate our citizens to tap into their hidden entrepreneurial abilities and encourage a nationwide entrepreneurship culture. This is crucial as it is the most significant and valuable asset for our country's prosperity. To achieve this, we need to prioritize the development of job creator entrepreneurial mindsets to lead the way in executing this vision. Check the ranking of 190 countries on ease of doing business, and act fast, seek help, but conquer.

Two: Invite women as the second wheel of the same economic cart and create a new vision and force of unity, diversity, and tolerance. Discover why mindset powers, combined in the digital age, and what special magnetism it creates towards prosperity.

Three: Replace the first executive, claiming this needs new big funding, and replace the second executive, claiming to be too busy and have no time for a big change. National mobilization of entrepreneurialism is often neither new funding-dependent nor decade-long infrastructure-type projects. National mobilizations are execution-hungry and deployment-starved.

The achievement of full deployment of identifying and placing high-potential SMEs of a nation on well-defined customized digital platforms for up-skilling exporters and re-skilling manufacturers is a 100-200-day exercise. What is critically needed are the right matching skills and mindsets for the rapid orientation on global challenges of all frontline economic development teams. Discover meritocracy and keep discovering it endlessly. This is how humankind advances.

Why has Expothon Worldwide been sharing information weekly with some 2,000 senior officials at the Cabinet level in around 100 countries for the last 50 to 100 weeks? These narratives are an open challenge to current economic development and offer immediately applicable pragmatic solutions and new thinking on mobilizing the untapped talents of the national citizenry and the revival of entrepreneurialism-based economies.

When will you realize if such topics are not at the top of the economic agenda and nothing is openly debated and discussed in meetings, or you may need to be in the right building?

Learn fast; fail fast, but drive via entrepreneurial mysticism. This new revolution in economic thinking openly challenges the economic books and numbering games against the Entrepreneurial Mysticism. Relax, discover your mindset, nurture deeply, and acquire mastery. Study more on Google. The rest is easy.