Fri, 29 Dec 2023 Special Report

My Achievements Must Significantly Impact People around Me - Professor Agyemang

By Richmond Acheampong II Contributor
Professor Joseph Kwasi AgyemangProfessor Joseph Kwasi Agyemang

The distinguished Ghanaian scholar and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Eswatini, Professor Joseph Kwasi Agyemang, who made history as the first person in the world to attain three unique PhDs in accounting has disclosed that his achievements must significantly impact the people around him.

“As I reflect upon my accomplishments, I’m filled with a sense of responsibility to inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams fearlessly. I believe that success is not limited to one individual alone, but it has the power to create a ripple effect of positivity and inspiration”, said Professor Agyemang.

As a consequence, he expressed his unwavering commitment to imparting his experiences and the valuable lessons he has gleaned along his journey. His sincere aspiration is to motivate and challenge others, urging them to embrace their distinctive paths and pursue their own extraordinary accomplishments. He underscored that, in the grand scheme, his notable achievements need not only impact his own life but also present him with the chance to uplift and inspire those in his immediate sphere.

He attributed his motivation to pursue three distinct PhDs in accounting to a combination of his profound passion for the subject and his aspiration to attain a comprehensive understanding of the field. Furthermore, he underscored his strong conviction that achieving leadership in the dynamically evolving realm of accounting necessitates more than just conventional knowledge. He contended that one must also cultivate expertise that extends beyond the customary boundaries of the discipline.

Discussing the challenges and opportunities anticipated in 2024, along with his strategies for personal and professional navigation, he revealed that, as a holder of three PhDs in accounting, he perceives the swift progress of technology as a major challenge. Emphasizing the dynamic nature of the digital landscape, he advised accounting professionals to consistently enhance their skills to remain pertinent in the job market. He cautioned that this presents a formidable challenge, demanding a sustained dedication to learning and staying abreast of emerging technologies.

Nevertheless, he suggested that this situation not only poses challenges but also opens doors for innovation and growth. Individuals can seize the opportunity to adapt to new technologies, leveraging them to enhance their work efficiency and effectiveness.

“By embracing these advancements and becoming proficient in them, they can position themselves for success in a digitally-driven future”, Professor Agyemang added.

Regarding his New Year resolutions and goals, as well as his strategy for maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between academic endeavours and personal well-being throughout the year, Professor Agyemang outlined several initiatives. He expressed his intention to elevate his research proficiency by actively participating in conferences, workshops, and seminars focused on accounting. This deliberate effort is aimed at expanding his knowledge base, acquiring fresh insights and establishing valuable connections with experts in the field.

Professor Agyemang holds a PhD in Accounting Sciences (Auditing) from the University of South Africa, a PhD in Accounting (Accounting Information) from Al-Madinah International University in Malaysia, and a PhD in Accounting (Public Sector Accounting) from Universidad Central de Nicaragua in Nicaragua.

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