Resilience in Unity: NDC Germany Chapter's mega event sends bold message of solidarity

By Albert Allan Dakyie II Contributor
NDC Resilience in Unity: NDC Germany Chapter's mega event sends bold message of solidarity
NOV 29, 2023 LISTEN

In a remarkable display of unity and resilience, the Germany Chapter Concerned Members and the Zongo Caucus joined forces with the Youth Wing to organize a monumental event in Monchengladbach on Saturday, November 25, 2023 to honour the founders of the Germany Chapter and acknowledged them for their continued contributions to the organization and running of the Chapter despite being on suspension.

The gathering, attended by members from various branches across Germany, transcended its initial purpose of fundraising for the party, evolving into a powerful statement of unity within the chapter concerned members, the youth wing and the Zongo caucus.

This mammoth event, marked by spirited enthusiasm, acknowledged humility and welcomed prominent suspended members back into the fold.

Comrade Nurudeen Habibour, the suspended former Zongo Caucus Coordinator, Mr. Nana Kwame Arhin, the suspended former chapter chairman and Dr. Jerome Kpan, the suspended chapter secretary graced the occasion, symbolizing a commitment to reconciliation and unity within the NDC Germany Chapter.

Despite their suspension, these individuals received presentations in acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication to both the chapter and the party. The spirit of unity prevailed as a collective plea echoed through the venue for their reinstatement, emphasizing the importance of fostering peace and solidarity within the chapter.

The event also witnessed the virtual presence of national party executives, including the Deputy Youth Organizer, Comrade Ruth Seddor, and the National Zongo Coordinator, Alhaji Mamah Mohammed Cole Younger.

Addressing the attendees via Zoom, these executives shared insights and updates, particularly highlighting the significant efforts of the Zongo Caucus in supporting flood victims in the Central Tongu constituency. Alhaji Cole Younger’s address was delivered while returning from the constituency with a delegation including the elected vice chairman of the NDC Germany Chapter, Alhaji Umar Mahamud Moro where they made a donation on behalf of the Zongo Caucus of the Germany chapter.

In a poignant twist during discussions on fundraising activities, the concerned chapter members expressed their commitment to contribute and raise funds for the party. However, this commitment came with a condition — the unequivocal reunion of the suspended members with the chapter. Members emphasized that reinstating the suspended trio would not only symbolize recognition of their efforts but also provide assurance that their contributions would be directed toward a productive and united course.

The joint event stands as a testament to the strength of the NDC Germany Chapter, where unity, despite challenges, takes precedence. As the chapter continues its journey toward the 2024 polls, the resounding call for reinstatement underscores the collective belief that inclusivity and solidarity are the cornerstones of a thriving and successful party.

Written by Albert Allan Dakyie, Deputy Germany Chapter Secretary