Sun, 19 May 2024 NDC

E/R: We will demonstrate against our parliamentary candidate for disappearing after primaries - Suhum NDC members

By Eric Obeng Boateng || Contributor
Comrade Prince Kwadwo Addo TabiriComrade Prince Kwadwo Addo Tabiri

Concerned NDC supporters in the Suhum Constituency have criticized their Parliamentary Candidate, Comrade Prince Kwadwo Addo Tabiri, for his absence following the constituency primaries.

They argue that his absence is negatively impacting party mobilization and activities.

The supporters recall that the NDC held its parliamentary and presidential primaries on May 13, 2023, to allow ample time for voter engagement and to maximize votes for a decisive victory. After the primaries, NDC delegates entrusted Hon. Prince Kwadwo Addo Tabiri with leading the constituency into the 2024 general elections.

However, some concerned NDC supporters in Suhum have told journalists that the Parliamentary Candidate left the country shortly after the elections and has not returned to lead the party to victory. They expressed concern that his absence is hindering preparations and activities for the upcoming general election.

They emphasized that the parliamentary candidate is the leader of the party at the constituency level, responsible for spearheading party activities and engaging the masses to garner support for the 2024 elections. The concerned supporters urged the missing parliamentary candidate to reconcile with constituency executives and other candidates to foster unity within the constituency.

They stressed that the Parliamentary Candidate, along with the constituency executives, plays a crucial role in mobilizing resources and organizing the party's efforts to secure votes for the 2024 elections. His absence, they noted, has significantly affected the mobilization and organization of the party.

The supporters listed several issues resulting from the candidate's absence:

1. Lack of proper organization
2. Insufficient mobilization efforts
3. Increased uncertainty among members
4. Difficulty in obtaining resources for party work

5. Division within party ranks
6. Giving opponents an undue advantage
7. Loss of trust among the people, leading to perceptions of party unseriousness

8. Difficulty in gaining acceptance from chiefs and opinion leaders

They warned that these issues undermine the electorate's perception of the party's seriousness, especially in an opposition stronghold, and hinder efforts to increase the support base and secure votes.

The supporters are already seeing the negative effects of Hon. Prince Kwadwo Addo Tabiri's absence. They fear that if the situation is not addressed soon, the Suhum Constituency will suffer significant losses to the NPP.

They appealed to the national leaders of the NDC, Hon. Asiedu Nketia and President John Dramani Mahama, to intervene and ensure that their Parliamentary Candidate is present and active in the constituency.