“Dr.” Nyarko or Amoah is not our staff, he's a fraudster — Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital announces

By Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital
Announcements Dr. Nyarko or Amoah is not our staff, he's a fraudster — Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital announces
NOV 27, 2023 LISTEN

It has come to the attention of the Management of Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital (Akawe) with dismay that one “Dr.” Nyarko or “Dr.” Stephen Amoah (or any other such names used), is allegedly a worker of the Hospital who deals in cars and transacts fraudulent businesses with people even while he pretends to be on duty at the Hospital.

We write to inform the public that the said faceless “Dr.” Nyarko or Amoah is NOT our staff. Rather, he is a fraudster who scams his victims for money. His scamming modus operandi is that he advertises vehicles online and asks interested buyers to meet him at work at Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital for the transactions and payment because he feigns being a staff of the Hospital.

The victims of the said fraudster usually allege that the transactions take place at our hospital premises without our knowledge and huge sums of money in US Dollars or Cedis are paid to the fraudster who purports to be our staff and a car dealer. He often bolts away with the money and the car being sold after every payment is made to him.

Unfortunately, the Hospital Management becomes aware of these scamming incidents only after the victims report same to the Police and the Police writes to request for CCTV footages from the Hospital Management.

The latest incident that occurred on Thursday, November 23, 2023, at about 9:00am was that the purported “Dr.” Stephen Amoah (fair in complexion) of Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital allegedly took GHC250,000.00 from four interested buyers of an earth moving equipment (payloader) which the fraudster said he was selling.

The victims approached the Hospital Management the following day for CCTV footages, alleging that the transaction took place at our hospital premises. The victims said they made attempts to take from Amasaman, the payloader they paid for, but they were eventually beaten by a mob and but for the intervention of the Police, the victims would have been lynched. Mindful of the foregoing, we the Management of Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital hereby serve this disclaimer notice and to caution the public and potential car buyers that:

  1. We do not know of or endorse any car dealership transactions at our hospital premises.
  2. We DO NOT have any worker called “Dr.” Nyarko or “Dr.” Amoah who deals in cars and earth moving equipment and transacts such businesses while on duty. We are equally NOT aware that any of our workers is a car dealer let alone be involved in such fraudulent transactions.
  3. The Gbawe Lafa Police and Odorkor Police had written to us several times requesting for CCTV footages to help them investigate the deceitful activities of the said fraudster.
  4. Any interested car buyer (s) who come(s) to transact businesses at our hospital premises with the said fraudulent “doctor” does so at his or her loss.
  5. Accordingly, the Hospital Management SHALL NOT be held responsible either directly or vicariously for any such fraudulent transactions we are not aware of let alone have control over them.
  6. Potential victims or interested car buyers should rather report such unfolding transactions to the Hospital Management even before monies are paid to the fraudster so that together, we can arrest him as citizens and hand him over to the prosecutorial authorities.
  7. The Public is also hereby cautioned and advised to be vigilant and report such fraudulent characters to the Police.
  8. Above all, our mandate as a hospital is healthcare delivery and NOT the running of a car dealing garage. As such, it is inappropriate on the part of the interested public to come and engage in car buying negations here at Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital. Please beware of the fraudster.

Thank you.
Dr. David Kwabena Okoh
Medical Superintendent
Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital