The name Cape Coast spiritually depicts people who are one-track-minded, lack stability — Name Specialist

Social News The name Cape Coast spiritually depicts people who are one-track-minded, lack stability — Name Specialist
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A name specialist, Maxwell Jonni has said the name Cape Coast typifies people who are one-track-minded in life and lack stability.

According to him, the spirits that control the name Cape Coast depict one-track-mindedness.

Speaking to DC Kwame Kwakye on his 'About Life' Show on GBC Radio Central, on Sunday, November 19, 2023, he explained, the order of the name Cape Coast, attracts spirits who are one-track-minded.

He noted that they determine the actions of the people who live in the city.

One track-mindedness according to the Name Specialist, means people who are somehow obstinate and don't change their minds easily on issues.

"They are somewhat not smart in understanding things that are fast track. Because of their one-track nature, they don't easily give up on things and these are normally internal lifestyles," he stated. "Outwardly, they are a people who rely on people's advise and support to make decisions. They are people who aren't too aggressive with life."

According to him, they are people who are normally calm, laid back and somehow not too ambitious. "The name generates calmness, patience and stubbornness. A people who somehow flip flop between sides and that makes them lack stability", he posited.

When his attention was drawn to the fact that Cape Coast is normally a swing seat politically, he said he is not analysing the behaviour of Cape Coasters but, only examining the spiritual implication of the name and how it impacts the inhabitants.

"Cape Coast's stagnation is same as that of Ghana since they all have similar name impacts. Ghanaians are a swing people but at the same time, if they accept something, it's always difficult to change their minds. Two opposite energies run Cape Coast," he stated.

Expatiating further, he averred they are people who request proof before they accept it. "But, at the same time they cannot make strong decisions because of their diplomatic nature which negatively makes them procrastinate decisions," he emphasised.

Johnny made these commentaries when discussing the topic "The Name Cape Coast and its impact on the people".

He however said names have impacts which direct the destines of people whether knowingly or not. "If Cape Coasters think the name is not what they desire, they can take steps to change it and with time, the current nature would metamorphose into the desired one and things would begin to improve," he stressed.

DC Kwame Kwakye
DC Kwame Kwakye

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