Manchester Enhances Fallowfield Loop for Safer Active Travel

Europe Manchester Enhances Fallowfield Loop for Safer Active Travel

Manchester, UK - Manchester City Council has completed essential improvements along the Fallowfield Loop, a vital part of its commitment to promoting active modes of transport and reducing carbon emissions. Recognized as a priority following consultations with local residents, schools, and businesses, these enhancements are set to make the area more accessible and safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

The project involved resurfacing a section of the cycle lane at St Werburgh's Road tram stop and near the Shillington Road entrance in Levenshulme. Additionally, improved lighting has been installed at St Werburgh's Road to enhance safety and visibility for cyclists, particularly during nighttime rides. The new lighting system utilizes energy-efficient LEDs to minimize its impact on local wildlife while ensuring safer travel conditions.

Manchester City Council worked in collaboration with Sustrans, the national walking, wheeling, and cycling charity that owns the Fallowfield Loop, to implement these improvements. Their plan includes similar enhancements at 26 other entry points along the Fallowfield Loop, aiming to make the cycleway accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they walk, wheel, or cycle. These improvements encompass fence and guard rail upgrades, along with vegetation clearance to ensure continuous access to the loop.

Importantly, these initiatives align with Manchester City Council's long-term goal of transforming the city into a zero-carbon hub by 2038. Encouraging more people to embrace active forms of transportation is seen as a pivotal step in achieving this objective.

Councillor Tracey Rawlins, Executive Member for Environment and Highways, emphasized the importance of making walking, wheeling, and cycling accessible to all. She stated, "We know that there are many barriers for people wanting to live a more active life, which is why it's vital routes such as the Fallowfield Loop are maintained."

Rosslyn Colderley, Director for Sustrans in the North of England, expressed delight at collaborating with Manchester City Council to improve access points along the Fallowfield Loop. She highlighted that these enhancements would benefit individuals using various modes of transport, including wheelchairs, mobility scooters, bicycles, and double buggies. The improved lighting, in particular, will make it easier for people, especially schoolchildren, to travel actively throughout the year.

Dame Sarah Storey, Active Travel Commissioner for Greater Manchester, recently visited the Fallowfield Loop to witness the improvements firsthand. She shared her vision for Greater Manchester, stating, "Our vision for Greater Manchester is to be a place where it's easy, comfortable, and safe for people to walk, wheel, or cycle where they want to get to - that means creating a lot of new, safer on-road routes, and quieter neighborhoods, as part of our emerging Bee Network."

The Fallowfield Loop serves as a prime example of Manchester's commitment to enhancing existing infrastructure to encourage active travel, providing a safer and more enjoyable experience for residents and visitors alike.

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