NDC UK & Ireland Chapter executives hold thanksgiving service in London

Diaspora (UK & Ireland) NDC UK  Ireland Chapter executives hold thanksgiving service in London
OCT 24, 2023 LISTEN

Over the weekend, the newly elected executives of the NDC UK & Ireland Chapter held a Thanksgiving service led by Chairman Conrad Dumbah, the Chapter Chairman, marking a significant milestone for the Chapter after a successful election.

The ceremony showcased the Chapter's commitment to unity, inclusivity, and a brighter future for Ghana. The ceremony commenced with a visit to the Seven Sisters Mosque in London on Friday for a Muslim prayer, symbolizing the Chapter's engagement with and respect for the Muslim community.

This gesture emphasized their dedication to fostering harmony and understanding among different religious sects. Following the mosque prayer, the executives proceeded to the Freedom Centre International Church on Sunday, where prayers were offered for Ghana, the NDC flag bearer His Excellency John Dramani Mahama's candidacy in the upcoming 2024 elections, and the NDC UK & Ireland Chapter itself.

Deputy General Secretary Mustapha Gbande, National Organizer Joseph Yamin, Director of IRD Hon Alex Segbefia, and other dedicated party functionaries played crucial roles in ensuring the election's success. Their efforts demonstrated the commitment of the NDC UK & Ireland Chapter to democracy and transparent decision-making.

During his thanksgiving speech delivered at the various religious centers, Chapter Chairman Conrad Dumbah reemphasized the need for Ghanaian citizens abroad to support both the NDC and the country itself. He urged them to vote for John Dramani Mahama in the 2024 elections, highlighting the candidate's capability to address the ailing economy and steer Ghana back on track.

Chairman Dumbah encouraged religious leaders to utilize their positions of influence to preach the gospel of nation-building and rally their congregations to support the NDC's bid for power in 2024. By uniting religious and political aspirations, the Chapter strives to foster a unifying message of progress, emphasizing the importance of faith-based leaders in shaping Ghana's future.

During the ceremony, clergy members from various religious centers also shared powerful testimonies, highlighting the substantial impact of economic challenges on all facets of Ghanaian society. These testimonies served as reminders of the urgency for change, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to tackle the nation's economic woes.

The NDC UK & Ireland Chapter's Thanksgiving ceremony served as more than a mere celebration of their recent election victory.

As the NDC UK & Ireland Chapter looks towards the future, their vision for Ghana's economic revival and restoration of national prosperity is accompanied by a call for collective action. With Chairman Conrad Dumbah's passionate appeal for support and religious leaders' engagement in advocating for nation-building, the NDC UK & Ireland Chapter sets forth an inspiring and ambitious agenda towards a brighter future for Ghana.

With collaboration and determination, the path to economic recovery and national development can be achieved, allowing the nation to rediscover its true potential and prosperity.

Source: HYT AFRICA TV News