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28 February 2001 | General News

Jamasi Chief Abdicates

By Graphic Reporter
Jamasi Chief Abdicates
NANA Gyimah Kesse I, Chief of Jamasi and Benkumhene of the Mampong Traditional Area in Ashanti, has formally announced his abdication from the stool in the interest of peace and unity in the area.
He has, therefore, called on the head of Panpenase Bretuo Royal Family of Jamasi and the Kingmakers to make the necessary arrangements for the customary rites to be performed to end it all.
Nana Kesse who is also known in private life as Mr Charles Allen Gyimah explained that he took the decision after due consideration to ensure lasting peace and harmony, adding that “ : Customarily, no one has brought forward any destoolment charges against me”.
He stated that chieftaincy is sacred and that: “ If you’re a chief, what the people expect of you is leadership by example that would lead them to prosperity, a principle I’ve upheld for the four years that I’ve been on the stool”.
He appealed for calm at Jamasi and stressed the need for peaceful co-existence, adding that at this time of the country’s history there is no need for the people to allow chieftaincy to divide their ranks and stall growth and progress.
Nana Kesse assured the people that despite stepping down as a chief, he would continue to contribute positively and meaningfully towards the development of the town, adding that the people are eye witnesses to the many development projects implemented, notably the market complex, road construction among others.
According to him, he decided to abdicate since he cannot fight forces militating against the peaceful and orderly resolution of the issues that continue to undermine his authority as Chief.
Giving the background of the case Nana Kesse said after his enstoolment in 1996, having been selected by the Krontihene, and four other Kingmakers, he swore an oath of allegiance to the Mamponghene.
He said the Queenmother who felt aggrieved that she had been by-passed in the whole process filed a petition at the judicial committee of the Mampong Traditional Council. The chief said he, together with the head of the royal family and Kingmakers, filed a counter motion challenging her legitimacy as the Queenmother.
The committee he said, ruled that she could not hold herself as Queenmother. Not satisfied, the Queenmother Nana Akua Boatenmaa Oni, sent the case to the Ashanti Regional House of Chiefs.
According to him they also filed a suit at a Kumasi High Court which ruled that the judicial committee of the Regional House of Chiefs had no jurisdiction.
Later, he said, the Queenmother still not satisfied sent the case to the Asantehene who ordered yesterday that the Queenmother should install a new chief and that if he was still interested, he could contest.
He said the Queenmother had earlier indicated that she does not recognise him as a chief. He said notwithstanding, his invoking the “Ntamkese” Asantehene’s Great Oath, nothing has been said about it and stated that from all indications, he is fighting against great forces which is not in the interest of anybody.
He has meanwhile said he personally bears no one any grudge, adding that: “If throughout the process, I have offended anybody or group in Manhyia, Jamasi or elsewhere, I apologise most profusely."

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