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Feature Article Bawumia, You are Too Hard to Resist - Diaspora4DMB
SEP 19, 2023 LISTEN

NPP can break the eight only with you, Dr Bawumia. We all know that.

None surpasses you as the darling boy in Ghana's politics today, and the records show.

You have diligently handled three of the most important issues of the elephant family in recent times, which has won you, "the darling boy" status among the rank and file of NPP. First, you mastered the huge 2012 election petition documents within a very short time and represented the elephant family at the Supreme Court to the admiration of Ghanaians.

Second, you did not only spend days and nights to prepare so hard for your submissions, but you defended our party's position fearlessly. There is no doubt that you became the envy of even top lawyers and reminded every PhD. holder in the country of how they defended their thesis with passion and expertise. The NDC is still struggling to find your kind in their midst.

Third, your level of championing digitilization, advocating for it on every given platform, makes it irresistible for Ghanaians to discuss it as a way forward for the country. Alhaji, you are simply the best bet for mother Ghana.

Dr., your humility and smiles make Ghanaians enjoy your presence everywhere you go. You bow and lower your height before distinguished personalities that the nation adores. You are a true cultured son of Ghana. In a rather tense political debate or discussion, your soft laughter makes your audience feel at ease. Your political opponents do not feel hurt even when you tease them. Every nation can go through hard times and experience hurtful incidents, but with you as our leader, our hearts and minds would definitely be at peace. You are the type of leader we need. Voters know this, and nobody can resist that.

The former Methodist Boys Brigade lad and now an Alhaji has, nevertheless, married his past and present faiths together perfectly to the admiration of the clergy and the Imams alike. You are indeed fit for a president who would unite our beloved country, Ghana.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman, as the saying goes. We are all lucky to have a woman like Samira behind you. We remember Barack Obama and his spouse, Michelle, or J. J. Rawlings and Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings. Samira has the qualities of Michelle Obama and Nana Konadu.

Your kind of first family would be a blessing come December 2024 when Ghanaians go to the polls to choose their president. We can not wait to see that.

The Communication Directorate