Adwoa Sarfo's ‘long overdue apology' too little, must be a political exit instead

Commentary Member of Parliament MP for Dome Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo
Member of Parliament (MP) for Dome Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo

Dome-Kwabenya Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Adwoa Sarfo has finally broken her long silence to apologize for her frequent absences from Parliament without permission. But her plea for repentance rings hollow and does little to remedy the distrust she has sewed.

Adwoa Sarfo claims her misconduct was not deliberate and cites personal issues as the cause. But that begs the question - where was this explanation for the past year as Ghanaians demanded answers? She ignored repeated calls to return to duty and face the consequences of her actions.

Now she comes forward only because the heat has intensified and she probably has plans for re-election, after escaping calls for her to be officially removed from Parliament.

It seems her supposed repentance is motivated more by self-preservation than genuine remorse.

Even more bizarre is the fact that she could spend time on TikTok but couldn't get time for Ghanaians to explain herself like she claim to have done now.

She snubbed her parliamentary responsibilities for months on end with no care for how her absence impacted governance—her own party’s.

She did not seem concerned about letting down her constituents who elected her.

If her apology was sincere, the honourable thing for Sarfo to do now would be to quit politics.

Ghanaians will not so easily forget how she treated the duties of public service with such contempt.

We should not accept empty words after the damage is already done. Adwoa Sarfo has proven she cannot be trusted to serve the people.

It's time for her to take her final bow from politics and make room for representatives who will show up for work every day. Only a full exit can even begin to make amends.

Her long overdue 'apology' changes nothing. The only acceptable response is for her to exit the political stage for good. Ghanaians deserve better than representatives who treat their mandates as optional.

Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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