How Can Entrepreneurialism Save The World? Special Report

Feature Article How Can Entrepreneurialism Save The World?   Special Report
SEP 4, 2023 LISTEN

How can entrepreneurialism save the world? Entrepreneurialism is a long word; it may take a minute to spell and hours to figure out its meaning, but it takes years to understand and a lifetime to prove how it works magnificently. Across the world, everyone is born as an entrepreneur. When fully developed, it is a nature's gift and a tremendous natural human skill. Relax and listen.

Enemies of entrepreneurialism: However, our family often crushes this gift because they love us so much and cannot see us adrift into new and unknown ventures; parents always strive and twist us to follow their generational occupation. Close friends further destroy this talent as they wish us to stay bonded to them forever. Later in life, it becomes a dead weight around the neck as a visible burden for being an 'out of the box' thinker, pursuing unheard and weird ideas way above the heads of the surrounding establishment of the day.

Life-long learning: Imagine how hard it was for Tesla to explain to the leadership of the day, huddled in the darkness, how easy it would be to light up an entire city and, later, the whole world. Steve Jobs of Apple was fired from his own company, as the stupid Apple Board, locked in insecure mindsets, couldn't see beyond a rotary phone. Years later, he returned, saved the company, delivered the iPhone, and became a worldly legend forever. Study the last 1000 entrepreneurs worldwide; observe why most with little or no formal education changed the world and how they brought economic civilization to where we are today. Beware; just like adding "global" does not make any project instantly global, similarly, spelling the word "Entrepreneurialism" does not immediately make entrepreneurship an accepted hallmark. Still, it takes years to understand and a lifetime to prove how it works thoroughly.

Nevertheless, this is not a motivational sing-song but some bitter medicine to immediately fix critical problems.

The Silicon Valley: The original Silicon Valley of the USA was neither an academic nor a financial revolution, but the mobilization of an entrepreneurial journey long before the term 'IT' became popular and 'technology' was conceptualized as worthy enough to trade in billions. The clusters of entrepreneurs in the march, with revolutionary job-creator mindsets, came out of their garages, broke old systems, created new alternates, and changed the world forever—a revolution of entrepreneurs, created by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. E-commerce was the first and the biggest ever transformation compressed on the fastest tracks. Over a billion became experts in the following decade. The rest is history. Today, some 100 other nations are still trying hard to become copycats with their versions of Silicon Valley.

Test your imagination at your own risk. Just for a moment, imagine if your country has 40 million citizens; now imagine if 25% of the population is 'already' born entrepreneurial. This will show that there are already 10 million citizens eager to become self-employed as job creators start expanding enterprises. So now imagine what would happen if 10% of that number became national operations. This will make one million such enterprises. Now imagine that if 10% of that number becomes some global player that will produce 100,000 such enterprises. Imagine if 10% of this number becomes substantial international operations; if you can still speculate, this will create 10,000 large enterprises, and as a result, the world of commerce will be shocked at this number. Now imagine, if some 100 countries attempted something like this and achieved results like this. WOW

Suppose, even if you achieved a fraction of this success, will it not be many thousand times more successful than what is showing on the charts of the nations today? Now, exactly, what are your regions doing to do to create new armies of entrepreneurs? Where and when is your next national debate on this, and more importantly, why so much silence?

How can entrepreneurialism save the world and show us how to create such landscapes?

The new global challenge is not to print illusionary funds but rather to fight to create new balanced mindsets and national mobilization of entrepreneurialism. Entrepreneurial nations are not just political accidents; they are only made with entrepreneurial, job-creator mindsets and require National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism as a national economic agenda. Today, it is openly challenged and openly debated. Economic development without entrepreneurialism is economic destruction. There is no political power without economic power. There is no economic power without entrepreneurial power. There is no entrepreneurial power unless the Mindset Hypothesis is balanced. The Mindset Hypothesis creates a balance between the job seeker and job creator mindsets. No further proof is required:

The 2024 Elections will be the most oversized Pandora's Box across the geo-political world; this is another story for another time. The essential hot spots are the USA, EU, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Iran, Bangladesh, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Mexico, Austria, Syria, and dozens more.

Today's challenges demand special skills capable of deciphering the speed of global age competitiveness, like how fast are the 'population-rich-nations overtaking the knowledge-rich-nations'? A particular understanding of population-rich nations' economies and the 'national mobilization of entrepreneurialism' Study how, with 500 million new entrepreneurs in China and India alone plus a billion SMEs in Asia, this global advancement of such economic forces may become tough challenges for other regions and the Western economies to compete. One word: Where is the 'preparedness'?

Why entrepreneurial nations will survive: Across the free economies of the world, in the political rotundas, suddenly, there is no Elephant in the room; in reality, what is left is just the vacuum, 100 times the size of a jumbo elephant, the absence of ideas, and the lack of solutions. There is nothing to debate when the compass is missing, so rudderless leadership is confused, the directionless country adrift, and the citizenry herded on the purposeless journey.

What is so special about entrepreneurship? Why is it the most immense untapped treasure for the nation? "Entrepreneurial Mysticism": Study how America became the first and biggest entrepreneurial nation by creating an ocean of SMEs 100 years ago. What a miracle China performed three decades ago, with oceans of SMEs now leading globally on all industrial fronts. Observe how India is advancing with the SME revolution, and Indonesia is progressing in the entrepreneurial race.

The entrepreneurial expansions: There are some 50 nations and many powerful trading blocks, all figuring out how to harness the "Entrepreneurial Mysticism," the unknown, unexplainable strategy, and the highly unique and original processes that no university in the world could ever fathom and create a magic pill or produce series of binders on how to replicate an original entrepreneurial idea, like a warm freshly laid egg. How it originates, when it is nested and hatched, the chick grows into a big bird, from cock to ostrich or giant roc.

Each SME is the grand puzzle of grand success; something only mystically blossoms in the hands of the entrepreneurial founder. This art as it is: "Tacit Knowledge" something cannot be written, like riding a bike or swimming. Study 100 entrepreneurs, then walk into a global accounting or law firm and observe the replicated armies of successful professionals. Accounting or law is "Explicit Knowledge," something written, explained with all the right and wrong steps in sequence, ready for memorizing and replicating.

Acquire skills to decipher the mindsets; it may save your national economy—the prime differences and how mindsets guarantee your economic success once optimized and balanced. If economic success is your prime goal, then your prime national agenda should understand this to lead to a victory for the country.

Like a heavenly gift: Tacit knowledge flourishes at its own unique pace of rhythm, like an unstoppable deep and hidden talent that creates the special tree where real value creation, like fruits, grows. Without the close study of 100 entrepreneurial adventures, such narratives are undecipherable. This is the extraordinary, mysterious part of human talent; for this reason, entrepreneurs are mistreated as odd, risky ventures at early stages, but upon success, they are worshipped, mainly for their money.

Self-discovery: How do you know you can apply to discover your tacit knowledge? You may already be an undiscovered entrepreneur, always thinking of great ideas. However, to dig deep, try meditation to allow you to scratch the surface of this hidden power already dormant inside you.

Are you calling baby elephants small? Each small and medium enterprise is primarily a large operation disguised as small but mysteriously growing. To decipher such narratives, recognize the most significant error of global economic thinking, where the small size of the business is never seen as a big business due to a lack of job creators' mindsets. Calling Baby Elephant small is a need for more knowledge of zoology. Calling small businesses small is the greatest error of economics. It demands big and open minds to see a box with few wires coming out of the garage becoming Apple, the world's most significant game changer. Why studies of some 1,000 other examples are mandatory to rationalize such thinking fully?

So, how do you advance to the next stage? Here is the formula


This is a global fact about the hidden entrepreneurial talents of the job creator's mindset, proven millions of times over the last millennia. Nevertheless, the Academia, primarily a job seeker mindset, is still trapped in a dislike for out-of-the-box risk-takers. As a rule, Academia has never created and operated a single lemonade stand. It does not openly support crazy business ideas because everything about it is just too risky, never mind imagining turning a lemonade stand into a Coca-Cola-type organization. Today, entire bureaucracies are trapped in nothing but job seekers' cushy chair corner office mindset. Not only are they scared, but they hate entrepreneurialism as disturbers of change and creative destructionists. Exactly, this is what they are, as without change, we would still be in a cave, studying 100 revolutionary ideas and how fierce the opposition to such major global transformations, from Airbnb to locomotives, or from air-conditioners or electric cars. So what is missing, and where is this disconnected?

Extreme value jobseeker mindsets bring to the equation: On the other hand, the job seeker mindsets are well educated; they are career-minded, eager to build an organization and engage in corporate challenges, and diligently help extremely odd, curiously innovative, entrepreneurial ideas to new heights. Therefore, a combination of both job seeker and creator mindsets is always responsible for creating new booming economic sectors. Economic development teams worldwide have job seeker mindsets; consequently, they need immediate training on two fronts: first, optimize their mindsets, and second, align with a job creator mindset and pursue real living growth and expansion models.

Entrepreneurial Economies: What mindsets are behind any economic development projects anywhere? It only takes minutes to check on LinkedIn about any ministry, country, team, or project. It takes a day to identify if a country is an entrepreneurial nation or simply pretending. It only takes a week to figure out why there is so much pain and chaos amongst the restless citizenry. How are the economies managed by what types of mindsets, and what are the top available skills and mindsets? You can trace why the country is under perpetual misery on the economic front and why it has been so long, but why? Most importantly, why are they still stuck exactly where they started decades ago despite all the struggles and available options? Well, there is a reason why ballerinas do not train Sumo wrestlers, or frequent flyers are never found in the cockpit flying jumbo planes crossing the Atlantic.

Our digitized and fiercely competitive world, today, openly challenges, and teaches us, how a simple divide, when balanced, will create a solid foundation for great economic success, trade, and commerce anywhere in the world. Without further proof, job seekers build organizations and Job creators create such organizations, so, it becomes the robust economic development foundation, for national success, when balanced and combined. Here are the fundamental principles.

Suppose your nation is passing through some economic crisis, here is some specific help

Principal One: Acquiring the Mastery - Has a decade-long parade of SME Weeks, plastic awards, and training by busload at a time already missed the goals? Allow "Entrepreneurial Mysticism" to breathe freely, observe, and foster growth and prosperity. Not just anyone with Mastery of a single instrument can suddenly become a Conductor; neither can anyone who acts in front of a mirror suddenly become a Film Director. Seek and identify the authoritative knowledge and acquire Mastery of the National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism as the principal driver of your national economic agenda.

Why is this so critically important and what are the next steps? Study more on Google.

Once some level of Mastery of entrepreneurial mysticism is visible in the debate, the art of economics as a mathematical forensic science should be framed for the walls; categorically, it is not for the tactical battlefield unless participating economists can articulate how to start a lemonade stand and at what stages and with what strategies it must advance to become a global Coca-Cola-type organization. Economic development, in reality, is a numbering game. The actual execution and creation of factories or manufacturing of new products are all entrepreneurial games. When architects draw skyscrapers, they are outstanding renderings, as it takes a team of experts on skyscraper building to deliver a new city skyline. If we allow only architects to play around with construction, 50% of skyscrapers will collapse. Jumbos will fall off the sky if they are in the hands of frequent flyers. Sumo wrestlers will be doing Swan Lake if trained by ballerinas.

If you hear the distant drumming of your restless citizenry marching, urgently call for solutions, as a much deeper study of the above is urgently needed.

No proof is required: when there are already a million entrepreneurs, each creating an enterprise that makes a million jobs. Why shouldn't we identify some Nobel Prize Winners in Economics and check out if they ever created one such single enterprise? Henceforth, as economies are sinking by the hour and miles of the journey still ahead to reach the progress to catch up with lost decades, This time, please lead, your nation needs it.

What kind of help and resources are available?

Principle Two: Managing the transition - Suppose economic development teams are all job seeker mindsets; no problem, as replacements are not required. Rather, in-depth immersion and introduction of job creator mindsets to balance the equation. You may use carpenters and bricklayers to create a garden, but an authentic garden always needs gardeners.

Principle Three: Authority of mobilization - The economies across the free world are already on fire; the lush greens are burning when inflation, depression, and recessions, like inflammable fluids, gushing out of sprinklers. Grassroots prosperity is needed to act like fresh, cold water. This job is for the national entrepreneurial forces and the national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as a national agenda to create real value, and help blossom the national economy. It is an entrepreneurial revolution but not number-crunching scheming, something that has repeatedly damaged global economies and only served the top percentile with schemes and institutionalizing loopholes. However, it has yet to create dramatic progress in creating grassroots prosperity.

The Entrepreneurial World: With some 100 nations in the race, some trying to decipher the mysterious codes of entrepreneurialism and build meritocratic teams of economic development, they will surely enjoy the eruptions of technological advances and especially new mathematics for the SME sector economies to expand exponentially.

Understanding new mathematics of SME sectors: Decades ago, accessible only to multinational enterprises, now, million-dollar technologies are available for less than $1000 to SMEs worldwide. At the same time, expensive million-dollar expertise, once only available to giant enterprises, is now available for $1000. Global knowledge used for business expansion, available for million-dollar to multinational corporations, is now available for $1000 to high-potential SMEs worldwide. What levels of entrepreneurial imagination are needed to see tens of thousands of SMEs dancing on vertical global digital platforms of trading and exportability and bringing foreign exchanges? What does it take to create national mobilization of micro-trade, micro-manufacturing, and micro-exports and get foreign exchange plus attract FDI on a grand scale?

Open challenge to current economic development models: Establishing policies to start an SME sector digitization program takes ten days. It takes 100 days to mobilize and place 1,000 to 100,000 SMEs on digital platforms. It takes 1000 days to have a bouncing economic development and global activities. So, at what speed are the SME sectors currently up-skilling and advancing? Where are the digitization procedures and management guidelines for mobilizing large-scale mental preparedness with specific timelines? Therefore, it also takes 100 days to become a top-class economic development game player. It takes 1000 days for deep immersion to become a champion of digital transformations and acquire Mastery of national mobilization of entrepreneurialism. It also takes ten days of intense workshops to articulate such senior-level discussions and bring some customized options. So where on the calendar, but which year, what timelines, and what sequences are being arranged and executed? Whatever happened last decade on SME fronts cannot be repeated.

A few decades ago, the dream of a Chinese was to own a watch, a bicycle, and a sewing machine. To stand up to the global age of competitiveness, the best dream available for the world's free economies is a calculator, an atlas, and a calendar. Markets are always hungry and expanding, and SMEs are constantly struggling, always ready to grow; unfortunately, the mindsets are often frozen, unexposed, unbalanced, and unchallenged. Combative tools of today: calculate correctly, map out multilateral paths, and watch global age timelines.

How wide awake is the world? Will BRICS, Commonwealth nations, OIC, ASEAN, European Union, or African Union develop their very own, customized by each member nation, some master deployment ready strategies towards national mobilization of entrepreneurialism and uplift and each block will up-skill million plus SMEs to boost economic powers of their member nations? After all, all these ideas were repeatedly suggested by Expothon to them during the last many years.

The following articles are an excellent resource for the frontline economic development leadership teams.

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Understanding the narrative of Expothon Worldwide: Henry Ford neither invented the tire nor the car engine; he created the Assembly line. Expothon neither created the SME nor the exportability. It began advanced thinking on 'national mobilization of entrepreneurialism' as a highly streamlined, 24x7x365 SME up-skilling operation in simultaneous synchronization of the most significant but ignored greatest national economic assets; a decade later, this narrative is gaining global attention. Expothon has been sharing information weekly with some 2000 senior officials at the Cabinet level in around 100 countries for the last 50 to 100 weeks. Mastery of new entrepreneurial economic thinking is a new revolution in SME Mobilization. We are constantly adding new talents. A global high-level virtual event series will further advance the agenda; in planning are debates to clarify and table turnkey mobilization options in the coming months. Study more on Google.

As the new world is awakening, the time is now to wake up and solve large-scale global problems. Economies need fixing at grassroots prosperity levels and not at crypto-tyranny level; immigration problems are due to lack of jobs at home base and not customs control in foreign lands; the climate change programs will only work with full stomach guarantee, and green economy demands entrepreneurialism to attract job creator mindset adjustments to improve productivity, performance, and profitability, resulting in value creation when the mystery of 'vale-creation is resolved, the ESG, EDG, Green, and Circular, Climate change challenges with hit the entrepreneurial note to monetize, commercialize, globalize and popularized. Deep and authoritative debates are critically needed.

What are the immediate critically missing links in your departments? What levels of rapid-fire training should be included amongst the economic frontline teams, and what national agenda needs streaming to create national mobilization of SME entrepreneurialism? Study more on Google; the rest is easy.

Naseem Javed a Canadian, born in a printing publishing family amongst small merchants, settled over two centuries surrounding Red Fort in Chandni Chowk Delhi, India. Educated and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and arrived in Canada fifty years ago. He spent years at the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics and learned how to create and develop global-stature organizations and events. Acquired global experiences, serviced dozens of Fortune 500 companies as a senior advisor for 25 years, and learned how to commercialize, monetize and popularize complex ideas globally. Later in 2000, Naseem took a sabbatical when he noticed markets lost the art of value creation and adopted value manipulation when one million dollar turnover factories traded as 100 million dollar operations in stock exchanges. He took all his high-value knowledge and experiences, placed them in a shoe box, and made them available almost free for the worlds 100 million Small and Medium Enterprises. He developed The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols. The rest is history. Now, Chair of Expothon Worldwide highlighted and recognized authority on new economic thinking, where small and medium business entrepreneurialism is tabled as the savior of the already struggling economies. He is a world-class speaker, author, and gaining global attention.