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12.03.2007 General News

After The Climax

Activities marking the 50th year of Ghana Incorporated reached their zenith when the young members of our training department marched beautifully at the Independence Square.

It is all well and good that members of staff and members of the staff of foreign firms were caught in the euphoria and the spirit which pervaded the celebration. The colour and ecstasy were captivating to many.

Many of our members of staff defied the tropical scorching sun and spent hours on end cheering and waving miniature flags of our company.

A good number of members of staff be-decked their cars with the flag of the company to demonstrate how proud they were of their country.

Some physically challenged people did not allow themselves to be marginalised in the programme for the celebration of the jubilee; they draped their wheelchairs with the company's flag.

However, members of staff should translate this into a productive move. Motorists who were tooting their horns should resolve not to become road hogs or a nuisance to other motorists; they should no longer jump red lights and ensure that they behave in ways that befit a company that has seen 50 harmattans and is preparing to join Club 100 of the lnterfirm Holding Trust.

After the march, reports had it that the garbage that had been dumped at the parade grounds was overwhelming.

If members of staff become conscious of the fact that the march towards the next 50 years should help them to throw garbage into provided bins, they would be a blessing to the company.

It seems that the jubilee should mean that what we did wrong over the years which affected the progress of our company would be discarded.

Nine members of staff died because a truck driver was careless in packing iron rods he was transporting from Tema to the eastern part of our company's premises.

The obvious question is whether the Kotis at the barriers did not see how the iron rods had been packed and could not see the danger they posed.

Shall we brighten the corners where we are in the next 50 years?

It would be worth the effort if individual members of staff of Ghana Inc. would devote enough time to examining themselves to know where they could improve upon their performance in their day-to-day activities during the year-long celebration.

Our company has to move henceforth and see how best our way of doing things would put the company in the Club 100 bracket.

There are many members of staff around, who may not see the centenary celebration, but they would be content to see that other members are making changes that would quicken the development of the company.

Article by C. S. Buabeng