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12.03.2007 General News

Man Dies After Drinking Camphor Concoction

By Eunice Kotoku, Tema

A man, died as a result of taking a concoction of 'akpeteshie' (local gin) and camphor prescribed by a neighbour to cure his chicken pox, a circuit court in Tema heard on Friday.

The prosecution told the court that Kennedy Arthur 19, died in hospital one week after taking the concoction.

Thirty-four-year old Kwaku Sam, a driver, said to have prescribed the cure, has been charged with murder and he has pleaded not guilty. He was remanded in custody until March 26, when he appeared last Friday.

He pleaded not guilty.

The prosecutor, Inspector Evelyn Susuawu, told the presiding judge, Nicholas Abodakpi, that on February 14, Arthur approached Sam to help him find a cure for chicken-pox since he had recovered from the same ailment not long ago.

Sam told him that he took a concoction of akpeteshie and camphor to cure the disease.

At the request of Arthur, Sam allegedly provided some akpeteshie and camphor which he mixed and gave him to drink.

Three days later, Arthur had severe stomach ache and was admitted in hospital but died after four days.

Pleading for bail, defence counsel Alex Affum Agyapong, noted that it was Arthur who approached his client to find a cure to his ailment.

He argued that Sam even took some of the 'Mixture' before giving the rest to Arthur to drink.

Counsel contended that akpeteshie and camphor are not poisonous and therefore the mixture was not the cause of the death, adding, it that were so the patient would have died instantly and not a full week later.

Mr Agyapong said Arthur being in hospital could also have been taking other medications so the akpeteshie and camphor 'Mixture' could not account for his death.

Before remanding the accused, Mr Abodakpi asked the prosecution conduct further investigations into the cause of Arthur’s death to enable the court to determine reasonably, whether or not the accused person’s action was lawful.

Sam was remanded in custody until March 26.