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12.03.2007 General News

CPP Reg Chairman Commends NR Minister


MR. Albert Atutiga, Northern Regional chairman of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) has commended the Northern Regional Minister for working tirelessly to promote unity among the people of Dagbon.

'I have been monitoring events in the region since Alhaji Idris took over from his predecessor and I can say with certainty that he continued from where the ex-Minister left in terms of peace efforts in the region.'

Mr. Atutiga told the GNA in an interview at Tamale at the weekend that, this was manifest by the fact that during the Ghana’s 50th anniversary celebration, 'all political shades and chiefs were well represented, a rare occasion in Dagbon in recent times.'

'I am speaking as a resident of Tamale but not as a politician and I must be honest and give credit where it is due. What is also unique and important about Alhaji Idris is that he has not meddled himself in chieftaincy affairs since he assumed office to the best of my knowledge,' he stressed.

Mr. Atutiga also commended chiefs, political party leaders, particularly the NDC and the NPP for comporting themselves and giving their cooperation and support to the Minister to operate and urged all in the region to continue to lend support to its leaders to promote unity, understanding and development.

Mr. Atutiga advised Alhaji Idris to show love to those who criticize him more than those who come to sing his praises since, 'There are wolves in sheep skins' and that he should not hesitate to consult elders and past leaders for advise so as to move the region forward.

He appealed to Alhaji Idris to work tirelessly to improve the Tamale water situation before the kick-off of the CAN 2008 to ensure that visitors to the region would see Tamale as a hub of investment and tourism.

'The Regional anniversary planning committee also did their best to ensure a successful anniversary in the region,' he said, adding, 'We must all pray to God for the unity that existed on 6th March to sustain so that the outside world would have nothing negative to report about Tamale.'

He advised Mr. Mohammed Amin Adam, Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) not to give up in the 'Modernisation of Tamale' process since the city had taken shape during his assumption of office.

He said, 'Let the people criticize you today and praise you tomorrow' and that if Tamale becomes good investors were likely to come in to boost the economy and unemployment would be reduced, adding that, the people who would come for the CAN 2008 would sing praises of the region.

Mr. Atutiga praised the people of Tamale for coming out in their numbers for the 50th anniversary celebration and attributed this to the people’s love for Dr Kwame Nkrumah and advised them to turn out the same way 2008 to vote for the CPP to win power and implement the good ideas of the party to move Ghana forward.