Video: Lantie Community flooded, residents appeal for help

By Edward A. Ken-Zorre II Contributor
Disaster Video: Lantie Community flooded, residents appeal for help

Residents of the Lantie community are still recovering from their losses and the trauma after a continuous heavy downpour caused flash flooding in the community.

As a result, all roads leading to the community were cut-off and residents were forced to abandon their homes and businesses with many belongings destroyed.

Some locals had to form rescue teams to help evacuate and rescue several residents and motorists who were stranded in the rain.

Many other residents could not also return to their homes and had to sleep with friends and other family members since their homes were flooded.

Lantie is located along the Accra-Kumasi highway and is a suburb of the Nsawam community in the Eastern region of Ghana.

The community members have since organized communal labor to fix portions of the road, but appealing to the government through the Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly and other organizations for help.

They need assistance to repair the road and the drainage system in the community so that they can prevent future flooding.

"We are grateful for the help that our community members have provided," said community member Kwaku Cyrus. "But we need more help to get our community back on its feet. We need the government and other organizations to step in and help us repair the road and the drainage system."

He said the flooding has had a devastating impact on the Lantie community since many residents have lost their homes and businesses.

He lamented that the community has been cut off and no emergency vehicle can access the community in times of emergency and called on the Member of Parliament for the area to intervene.

Another resident also lamented over the increasing number of flooding in the community. He attributed the flooding to the construction works ongoing on the Ofanko-Nsawam section of the Accra-Kumasi highway and urged the contractors to find a solution to the flooding.

“Because of the work on the road, all the water now comes into the community and as you can see, we don’t have any proper drainage system so the water just comes straight into our house,” he narrated.

He indicated that the contractor had increased the size of a bridge resulting in an increase in the volume of water that flows into a small stream that runs through the community. He urges the contractor to dredge the stream.

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