There Is No Difference Between Jesus And Lucifer

Feature Article There Is No Difference Between Jesus And Lucifer

As preposterous as this statement may sound to many Christians, there are striking similarities between Jesus and Lucifer as described in the Bible: Both are morning stars. See Isaiah 14: 12 (How are you fallen, O morning Star, Son of the dawn….) In Revelation 22: 16, Jesus reveals himself as the morning star….”I am the root and the offspring of David and the bright and morning star.” Then again, both Jesus and Lucifer claimed to be equal to God. Lucifer said to himself in Isaiah 14:13,” I would set up my throne above the stars of God……”.And he attempted just that….. raising himself beyond the stars and trying to usurp God until he was cast down. Jesus also raised himself on equal footing with God, and has eventually overshadowed and supplanted him. He stated emphatically:

  1. That he and God are one. John 10:30.
  2. That he was the way the truth and the light……That nobody goes to God except through him. John 14:6.
  3. That he who has seen the father, has seen him. And that he is in the father and the father is in him. John 14:8-11,
  4. That before Abraham came to be, he was. John 8:58.
  5. That everything has been given over to him by his father, and that no one knows the father but the son……Matthew 9:5-7.

Taken together, all these statements were equating Jesus to God. And so he was finally crucified, or cast down in a figurative sense, just like Lucifer. But all these statements seemed to signal his divinity and equality with God and were very similar to those made by Lucifer before his downfall…….That he would become like the most high God.

In fact, Jesus always saw himself as God to the point where the Jews nearly stoned him, accusing him that a mere human being claimed to be God. See John 10:33 ff.

Jesus was also born of man and of God. At least by an entity of God, fulfilling the abomination described in Genesis about the Nephilim (Genesis 6:1-4) where the sons of God were alleged to have had a union with women on earth, and thereafter begat the Nephilim, the great geniuses on earth who also became great heroes; and for which reason God was so horrified that he caused a deluge, the flooding that destroyed everything on earth. So Jesus was the product of an abominable union which God had in prior era totally rejected……..that of the miscegenation between humans and angels.

Even if you think of his birth in human terms, Jesus was a product of an evil union, of a woman betrothed to a man who engaged in adultery with a supernatural entity and thereafter got pregnant. The question is what was so special about Mary that he could be chosen to consort with any heavenly agent? Were there no real virgins in the whole of the countryside? So we have a situation of fraud in the factum of the conception and birth of Jesus….a clear case of the infidelity of a very young married woman who committed adultery and covered it up to avoid being stoned to death according to prevailing law.

As to this Jesus, we will admit that it is not the fault of a child that he was born outside of matrimony; but where the birth is flaunted as supernatural, ordinary men may consider the door open for reasonable questions and doubts.

Another interesting albeit hypocritical thing about Jesus was that when Satan himself offered the earthly kingdom to him, he refused it at first. But his subsequent conduct revealed the opposite. He stated after his so-called resurrection that all the kingdom on earth had been given to him, and that upon the mention of his name, all kingdoms shall bow. …..And so we reason that maybe he finally took the kingdom with violence himself, not electing to become beholding to anybody and anything. Today a review of the record shows that he has effectively supplanted God, wherever he is, and in songs and sermons and everywhere. His name is elevated above all else, and kingdoms and principalities bow to the person who pretended not to like the earthly kingdom, and was too proud to bow to Satan for same. This is a matter of great contradiction and irony.

And pretty much like the idol of Nebuchadnezzar, every knee shall bow (at the sound of the trumpet), or else be cast into the fire….Compare the significance of the trumpet sound in Daniel 3, and the claim of the almighty God that every knee shall bow to him in Isaiah 45:23 and the inference made by the Christ that every knee shall bow to him in Romans 14:11. Here, Jesus expresses that he has supplanted God in that every knee shall bow to him instead of to God, or be cast into hell fire.

Of note also is that Jesus repudiated the Laws of Moses, commanding that his disciples should perform the detestable act of cannibalizing him during sacrament, and eating his flesh and drinking of his blood, all abominable to the existing religious law. The abolishment of blood consumption is detailed throughout the Mosaic laws. See for example Leviticus 17: 13 & 14 about the prohibition against the eating of blood on the pain of death.

Also, Jesus was a far greater liar than Lucifer himself. If Lucifer’s lies were a hundred, the lies of Christ would be one million. All Jesus’ miracles were per se lies because nobody can perform any miracle on earth except by trick. And so every miracle ever performed on earth is a trick, and nothing else. A trick is simply a magical act. So if Jesus healed a cripple, the cripple was just pretending to be a cripple in order to take advantage of the prevailing laws of Moses which encouraged the giving of alms to the disabled. The blind that were healed were also pretending. Because there is no third person account to corroborate these so-called healings. So they were all lies.

Many passages attributed to Jesus have him predicting the end of the world within his generation (“The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Repent and believe the good news” (Mark 1:15); This generation will not pass away until all these things take place” (Mark 13:30); “Truly I say to you, you will not finish going through the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes” (Matthew 10:23); “Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power.” (Mark 9:1); "From now on, you shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds..." (Matthew 26:64))."

All these turned out to be big lies. Those who were promised the kingdom are all long gone, and the lie that Jesus will return to earth is still the biggest joke fueling the faith. In any case, what is he returning to do which he couldn’t have done previously? So in this context, Jesus has proved himself to be a far bigger father of lies than Lucifer himself. So he and Lucifer have become one.

The whole of the Jesus mission ended up in fiasco when he was crucified. And his resurrection was also a trick. He was a greater master of tricks who never died on the cross, given the short time he was on the cross. It is very childish to assume that he was beaten so much and therefore became weak, because those others who were also nailed on the cross were equally beaten prior to being crucified; and so why were they hanging on there for a week or more and not dying? What was so different about Jesus that he was there on the cross for just three to six hours? The man did not die on the cross. Period! He was clever enough to trick and set up his followers to believe in the impossible and in the implausible, for as soon as he was taken down the cross, he got up and roamed about.

That he sacrificed his life for humanity doesn’t make sense because it also means that as God, he sacrificed himself for himself and humanity and later changed his mind from the sacrificial idea and rose from the dead to roam about. So where was the sacrifice if the sacrificial object did not die? And why did it occur on a cross instead of on an altar, where the sacrificial animal was burned?

The reality is that in duping so many people, and causing so much chaos, Jesus became the same as Lucifer, cast down on earth to cause the greatest imaginable chaos: Global wars, burning of people, witch hunting, discord among humankind……. If you count the number of people that have died because of this man called Jesus, then what was said of Lucifer by an angel when he was cast down by God comes to mind: “Woe to the earth”. His followers have caused the greatest harm and evil on earth: Forbidding creative thinking by burning at the stake those who dared question his divinity. The most creative torture devices were constructed in the era of the inquisition, when humans applied their creative skills to invent means of torture to instigate confessions and further burning in the name of Jesus.

And all was done in pattern as Jesus himself said, he came not for peace, but for war. And that a brother will go against his brother; and that a son will be against his parents. Matthew 10:34-36. Having confessed himself to be the father of chaos, Jesus does not have to say anything else to demonstrate that there is no difference between himself and Lucifer. Those who have ears, let them hear!!!

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