Pair of 142-year-old Levi's jeans found abandoned in New Mexico mine sold for 87,000 dollars

Social News The 142-year-old Levi's jeans worth 87, 000
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The 142-year-old Levi's jeans worth $87, 000

A pair of Levi's jeans dating back to the 1880s and discovered in an abandoned mine in New Mexico recently sold at auction for a staggering $87,000.

Denim historian Michael Harris found the vintage jeans while exploring an old mine shaft.

The well-preserved jeans have a 38-inch waist and 32-inch inseam and show wax markings on the legs from the miner who wore them by candlelight.

The jeans, according to History Vid, who shared a picture of it on Twitter, date to the gold rush era and are among the oldest intact pairs of Levi's ever found.

They feature the original rivets, stitching and detailing used by Levi's at the time.

While the jaw-dropping price tag is making headlines, experts say the rarity and superb condition of the 142-year-old Levi's are what give them such value - providing a tangible link to America's pioneer past.

Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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