Your Behaviour At Our Entry Points Is "killing" Tourism In Ghana

By Emmanuel Frimpong
Critics Your Behaviour At Our Entry Points Is \

Tourism is gradually becoming the backbone of the Ghanaian economy. Tourism has the potential to bring foreign direct investments, create decent jobs and employment for the teeming unemployed youth in the county. Tourism over the years has proven to be a major source of revenue for Ghana, it can also be a major renewable export source, it has the potential to add to the local economy in a variety of ways. (We will revisit this topic: importance of tourism to the Ghanaian economy another time).

The first experience of a tourist or traveler to Ghana is through our various entry points especially our world-class International Airport; Kotoka International Airport (KIA). unfortunately, a few officers and other employees at the airport and some land borders have made this experience hell for most travelers. Instead of these officers and workers at the entry points helping travelers with documentation and to have seemless, some of these workers and officers have turned their noble job into an opportunity to literally force travellers to part away their hard earned money, often ending up delaying the traveller if he or she is not ready to part away with their demands. This act "day robbery" is becoming embarrassing, counter productive to efforts being made to attract foreign direct investment and also entice international travellers (tourist) to visit the country.

The information reaching African Tourism Research Network - ATRN (a Civil Society Organisation with the aim of promoting ethical, responsible and sustainable travel and tourism) is appalling unfortunate and humiliating to Ghana. Africa Tourism Research Network (ATRN) wishes to call on all authorities, officers and workers at all the entry points to Ghana especially, the Kotoka International Airport to desist from this shameful act and be good ambassadors for Ghana at our entry points.

Together let us make Ghana a destination of choice, a place where tourist would want to to visit and also attract foreign direct investments into the country.

Emmanuel Frimpong
Tourism Analyst and Consultant Pishon Consult Ltd &Founding President

Africa Tourism Research Network (ATRN)

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024