Blissful Birthday to Prof. James Agbodzakey

By Abdul Razak Lukman
Letter Blissful Birthday to Prof. James Agbodzakey
MAR 26, 2023 LISTEN

Dear Professor James Agbodzakey ,
Today is a special gift of a time that you must be celebrated for grazing the world. It is your birthday and I celebrate you highly and thankful to Allah for keeping you safe and healthy.

Sir, I don’t know how to sort my words to compliment an astute academic like you overflowing with wisdom– please pardon me for that. But I want to say that I appreciate you for your contribution to the body of knowledge that guides humanity in the way they go about their activities. There is nothing so valuable as contributing to the improvement of public policy and imparting knowledge to students who will grow to lead the world in many sectors. If this isn't fulfilling then nothing will ever be.

Prof, the impact of your valuable lessons is greater than you know. You are always ready to give free consultation to me. Something I could not have paid for– I always appreciate your time spent and I will never take it for granted because I know how busy the lives of astute lecturers and academics like you are.

Sir, people may think that professors live a tedious and exhausting life but far from their knowledge, professors feel enthusiastic about themselves since they put most of their time doing research. It might be boring for others but for you, it is happiness. It is happiness because you see such a perceived tedious work as a contribution to the future growth of humanity as you have an excellent grasp of the whole concepts.

Prof, I know that you are really busy and your schedules are hectic, but I hope that you will allow yourself to be free and happy on this special day of yours. It is special to people who value the impact of research on the lives of people. I feel that birthdays of people like you should be given a wider geographic attention to appreciate the value of research. Doing what you do is no small feat. Your impact on your students' lives is extraordinary. May Allah continue to bless you and fulfill all your wishes!

Sir, you’re a wonderful professor, and I feel blessed to have the honor of wishing you a happy birthday. May Allah bless you and give you many more blissful decades to continue imparting knowledge and instilling moral values in your students. Have the happiest of birthdays!

Yours faithfully,
Abdul-Razak Lukman