Two people murdered at Effiduase-Ntunkumso during installation of new chief

By Rockson Adofo || Contributor
Article Two people murdered at Effiduase-Ntunkumso during installation of new chief

On Monday, 21 March 2023, a man and a woman were shot dead during the enstoolment of a new chief, precisely, an "Odikro", in Ntunkumso near Effiduase in the Ashanti region.

At around 10:00 in the morning of that fateful Monday, l received a phone call from my younger brother informing me of the setting ablaze of the canopies and musical instruments set up for the intended installation of the new "Odikro" by some hoodlums.

He advised if l could pass on the information to the Overlord of the area who happens to be the Mponuahene of Effiduase and a descendant of the originators of Mantukwa.

In the afternoon of same Monday, l received a phone call alerting me to the murder of two people, thus, a man and a woman by some hooligans purportedly arranged by the sitting "Odikro" understood to be called Yaw Moshie by his private name.

Yaw Moshie, a man approximately in his late 40s, married with children and lawfully employed by a gold mining company had previously worked in Obuasi but was working in Prestea prior to the incident.

From an eyewitness account, the hoodlums who had come to Ntunkumso riding motorbikes were mostly Zongo boys from Effiduase.

Allegedly, Yaw Moshie was seen instructing the later to-become assassins to burn down the canopies and the musical instruments.

They proceeded to take rest in his house only to later come out to shoot two people.

Yaw Moshie and his linguist were arrested by the police when they got news about the incident.

Some of the alleged murderers were later arrested and are currently remanded in custody.

I had an opportunity to briefly meet the incoming Odikro on a Friday and only for the incident to happen on the following Monday.

Rockson Adofo
Sunday, 26 March 2023